Resolved SGS2 - no usb mounting?

Mar 22, 2012

I'm on i9100 SGS2.

My Default USB Connection Type is set to "Ask on connection" (Storage settings). Was working fine, but yesterday I upgraded to 3.9.13 and now I am no longer prompted if I wish to mount USB or not when I plug in cable from PC.

Tried changing settings to default of "mount automatically", just in case that was the issue. Either way, no USB icon shows in the notification area when I plug in the cable. The battery icon changes to show I am charging over USB. But I just can't mount the storage to my PC.

Will try again with next MIUI release and update here.


PS despite the odd hiccup every now and then, MIUI is still my only choice. Thanks for all the ongoing work you all do to keep this awesome rom going, and free.