Short WPA-PSK Wifi Password


May 14, 2011
Hi there,

I just installed MIUI_Au 1.5.6 R1 on my HTC Desire and love how it is looking! I have one major problem with it though and that is I cannot connect to my wifi network. The password for my wifi is under the 8 character minimum acceptance length. I have no way of changing this password (I'm in corporate housing, hence I don't have access to the router).

To sum up what happens:
- Enter wifi settings
- Pick the wireless network I want to connect to
- Tap in the box to bring up keyboard
- Punch in password
- Try to tap "Connect" but it is greyed out
- Enter extra characters until 8 character length is reached
- "Connect" button becomes active, but trying to connect obviously fails since it is an incorrect password

Note that I have successfully connected to this network with my laptop (Macbook running OS 10.6.7).

How can I connect to my wifi network (only network around that I have access to) with such a short password or am I just stuck?

The security type on the network is WPA/WPA2 PSK.

Thanks ahead for any help or responses!