Shorten Bootloader Unlock Wait Time


May 13, 2019
As i have not been active lately on

i was awarded 360 hours wait time to unlock the bootloader of my Redmi Note 7

My 1st application was on the 04/05/19 and I was voicing my displeasure on their forum. I was reading about boot-loader times being shorten, so i decided to try it myself. For the week starting 05/05/19, I "checked-in" everyday and made sure I had completed all the daily missions. On 12/05/19, I tried again to unlock but was still shown about the same time left, wait till 19/05/19 for countdown to complete.

So I continued to "check-in" everyday and get 8 points from daily missions. I tried again on 16/05/19 and the boot-loader was unlocked.

So for those are still waiting, activity on does shorten the countdown timer.
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