Sim Card and SD card not recognised by htc desire

Feb 12, 2011
Hi everyone

I just installed this update over .19 r1 and my phone stopped working and it is showing sim card error, I tried 3-4 different sims and non of them are working. another problem is it stopped recognising the sd card same i tried 2 others but no luck :(

I admit it might be my mistake,please can you help me as i have back up the sd card so can not restore as well as its not recognising my card.

any tips or tricks please, as i can not go to htc customcare as i have already voided my warrenty.

I am using Amon Ra, S-off on htc desire, how can i sort this out

please help me




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Nov 7, 2010
Why do you think you messed it up--that may help with troubleshooting

And you have NO sd card bu or nandroid--hope not

Things to try--I have N1 so steps may vary:

Pull and reinstall battery
Do a restore of old bu after wiping EVERYTHING 3 times or reflash .25 fresh
Under Wifi/Mobile Networks see if you are registered on Network (Sim Card)
Under Amon, maybe Advanced, there is a Repair SD card
Can you mount sd card thru recovery
You may have to format and repartition card

Good Luck

Feb 12, 2011
Hi Ken
Thanks for ur reply
i tried using different sd card when i tried to do nand backup on new card just to check if its appear on system then it showed to start backing up then
Error: Run via adb

and if i tried to upload backup file flash zip from sd card in recovery then it is saying E: can't mount /sdcard
I have backups of past around 3 different backups , but they are on my cards and my phone is unable to detect sd card so can not go further.

Is there any other way to do restore on phone using backup files, if its not detecting sd card

2) I checked my sim problem as well, sometimes it shows me the arial symbol for network , but when i try to call it shows me the error " Mobile network not available"

really annoyed as this is my primary phone.

if you/anyone else got an idea, most welcome