SIP Local Server - TX Good / RX Bad. Jitter / Packet loss - Codec issue?


Mar 7, 2012

upfront as this is my initial post to this forum: MIUI ist the best UI in a custom ROM I've seen so far.
This said, I'm almost a very happy camper except for the SIP connection issues.

I really love the possibility to add a SIP account to my local routers SIP server via wifi. No extra app, dialer integration - sweet!

The phone will register with the server, place and receive calls. Voice sent is also fine, only the received audio is choppy. The router shows jitter and packet losses on the downstream but none upstream. The provider has been tested on a hard line to exclude this part as a possible cause.

I've spent several hours trying to figure out a solution as I'm 90% there - any ideas please?