Smart Home question


Sep 5, 2022

Sorry I could not find the smart home section is this forum so I will ask in the general section

I use the Xiaomi Home app (Android) with my 4 temperature and humidity sensor v2 and they show info and history. But I have to connect to them one by one and takes about 10-15s everytime just to check temperature.

-Is there an overview where I can monitor all 4 at once and see the temperature in realtime?
-If it can´t be done with just app+sensors, then is it possible with the Xiaomi gateway Hub?

I want to do some automation and create a scene, if sensor temp is below 15 C then alert phone app. But I can't, I have tried but the scene is never saved.
- Please advice

If this cannot be done with Xiaomi Home App, are there other compatible Apps where I can do automation and have an overview over all 4 rooms?



Dec 8, 2022
Hello I am new to all this smarthome thing so I am hoping that someone can help me... I already own 2 Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Monitors v. 2 and since they are bluetooth I decided to buy the Xiaomi Gateway 3, my question is as follows, my house is on 3 floors, 1 second and basement. I will have sensors throughout the house with water sensors in the basement so I was wondering if the hub would see the sensors in the basement. I am guessing I would have to use bluetooth if its in line of sight and zigbee or wifi sensors in more distant areas. would I need more than one hub/gateway for such a big house? are there "access points" for more remote areas? How does mesh work??? Will this hub/gateway be compatible with Matter/Thread in the future? and will I be able to use non Xiomi sensors with this hub? Thanks for your help.


Jan 13, 2023
I bought 2pcs smoke detector, a vacuum cleaner and some temperature meter and after I set the automation to send notification to my Xiaomi Redmi phone it is not working. After I click to create the notification I do not see any setups.
I have already tried with an older version with Germany language, and tried on PC. It is not working.