New Smart Unlock Device (bluetooth) Bug

Aug 28, 2014
Hello all

I have installed this version but this coming with a bug on the smart unlock !!

I'm not able to add the Bluetooth device (watch from Garmin) as trusted device to unlock the phone unless Mi band

When I try to add device the list appears empty and when I try to add device appears a image from Mi band in other to "touch device together to unlock " waiting a pair from MI band

Can you please solve this ?

Also please let me know if there as a workaround

Best regards


Feb 15, 2016
probably your swatch is badly recognized as a mi band device. Could you try uninstalling mifit app for the trial ?
myself I paired miband, smart scale and my 2 cars as smart unlock as a no brainer but I realize I don't have a BT swatch to try more.