SOLUTION to have phone encrypted permanently in an easy way

Feb 8, 2016
I turned around to find a simple and easy way (getting out of fstab hand modifications) to have my phone encrypted for safety reason and my peace of mind.
Thanks to our friend @hellfreezover who led me to the direction I tested.
I took my old MI5 because my MI8SE is already converted with fstab.
-I started from a clean install after format data and installed via twrp the latest OFFICIAL global Dev. (must be the same with any other official rom)
- I made all set up (google and Xiaomi that were requested) and encrypted with the phone feature in settings (was written encrypted but not done, you must encrypt again!)
-FDE encrypt was set accordingly with password pin. (MI5 doesn't support FBE, so no alarm and notification in case of reboot)
-I flashed then the latest available eu 8.11.22 rom and I was surprised to find the rom after reboot, perfectly encrypted as much....
-Then went Magisk 18.0 and Host file installed perfectly.
I am satisfied!
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