New [Solved] HELP Xiaomi Mi A3 stuck in bootloop


Feb 16, 2021

My girlfriend's Mi A3 is stuck in bootloop. I know this problem has been often addressed here but first thing: she did not flash ROM or rooted, I'm not even sure what it entirely means and implies. Anyway she found her phone stuck on the screen with 2 choices: try again or factory data reset. See attached files.

The problem here is that she would like to have access to the pictures and do a back up. Sure, she should have done it before but she didn't so here we are...
I've tried the combinations, power button volume down, volume +... Etc. It lead me to the different screens in the attached files...

I want to know, is there any way she can access her pictures, files etc.?

For information, she probably didn't enable the developer options debogging usb or something like that, she has no SD card. I guess we could reset the phone but is there anyway to recover files after that?

Can you guys help us?


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Feb 16, 2021
I fixed it! Someone on reddit gave me some instructions and it worked. For others that might have the same problem...

  1. Download and extract them anywhere
  2. Download the ota file and put it in the same folder where adb.exe is. Rename it to "".
  3. Launch cmd in the folder where adb.exe is and enter the command "adb start-server"
  4. Choose "apply update from adb" on recovery mode on your device and connect it to your pc
  5. Enter the command "adb devices" to check if adb recognizes your phone and then enter "adb sideload"
  6. wait till it finishes