[SOLVED] Migrating to a larger SDCard

Zeak Zikansson

Jun 18, 2011
Hey guys! I just bought an 8gb card for my Desire (originally it has a 4gb one). I don't have a A2SD or anything like that currently, but I possible will in the future. The phone is rooted, S-OFFed and runs MIUI. What I did. Made a nandroid backup, copied it and titanium backup files to the desktop using SD adapter, the inserted the 8gig card into the phone, partitioned it with the help of CWR. So I' ve created a 256mb EXT4 partition, 32mb SWAP one, the rest is FAT32. Then I've put the nandroid backup to the new card, booted to recovery and tried to restore it. But the MD5 sum was wrong.. WTF? Am I doing something wrong? Cheers for any help.