Someone from china accessed my gmail account


Mar 8, 2011
I got a notification after checking my email on my computer this morning that someone from an ip address in china had accessed my account... Does this have anything to do with miui? as I have googled it and it seems as though it has happened to many people. Anyone else had this happen to them? is this because of miui or just a coincidence?
This is the first I've even heard such an instance.

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me too I didn't even know that it could happen... luckily it looks as though no damage was done but I just want to make sure it has nothing to do with miui
Early on several months ago I got a force close and hit report, later on I looked at the email it sent for the report and was surprised to see how much info was sent. Suffice it to say I wont allow any more reports to be sent.... Just saying.

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