sos! please help me on TWRP ROM installation!


Mar 12, 2019
sorry to disturb you guys this way. i am a xiaomi mix3 user.

recently i tried to flash the global miui rom with TWRP 323-1124 but i kinda stucked in a weird way.

i did the wipe and then installed the official rom which is miui_MIMIX3Global_V10.2.1.0.PEEMIXM_9dc43870b4_9.0. however, each time i reboot the phone, it came back to TWRP but not the new OS i just installed.
is there something wrong with my procedure? i played with customed recovery and rom for many time before but this is the first time i have this issue.

if you could provide any advice, i will really really appreciate!

thanks in advance!