Soundcloud,Facebook and notification on xperia s

Oct 21, 2011
hii guys
i have problem with facebook and facebook messenger on xperia S
i dont get any notification from facebook on miui rom
i'v add the apks on alarm fix list but still dont get any thing !!
i'v look around but didnt find any fix
what i understand that the miui kills the background apk buy it self
any way to fix that ??
and another problem i have
i cant keep soundcloud play music on background and use another apks like facebook or whatsapp or going to setting ,, it closed by itself !!!
how i can fix that ??
thank you
Jul 16, 2013
he xperia S only have 1gb of ram it's maybe the problem, not sure
No the problem is Miui, in all devices push notifications don't work well and there are delays, in Mi3 also.. I'm waiting in a fix from long long long time, but i have no hope anymore!!!

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