Storage is running out?

May 30, 2013
Hello, how's going guys?

I have a SG2 with about 250 apps, after installing some more it just showed a ballon message in the status bar saying something like "Storage space is running out" not allowing me to install and update apps.

I used to be CM10.1 user, even with 300 apps I could even install more apps (maybe it was installing in the internal sd card?).

Is it possible to "fix" this issue allowing me to install and update apps or I will have to remove apps that I'm not using "now" to install new ones?

Thanks! Best regards!

Device: Samsung Galaxy S2 i9200
Miui Version: MIUI-3.5.17 (this issue has been ocurring even in older and lastest miui versions).
PS: Could you guys avaliate my english skills? I'm not a native english speaker :D


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Aug 20, 2011
Yes uninstall apps that you don't need. Miui v5 is not a CM so it can't be compared. Also MIUI doesn't support moving apps to internal SD as its mainly designed for MI2.

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