New Streaming phone calls on Note 10 Pro


May 18, 2023
I read of a similar issue on another Note, but the advice there didn't work for me.
Any media playing on my Note 10 Pro streams perfectly clear to my Oticon More hearing aids. Phone calls, both regular calls don't pick up audio in either direction.
The Services and Feedback function is a waste of time and energy - I explain the problem in deail, call someone, someone call me and we speak, but they don't hear me or me them. I submit this, then get a response asking me to do again what I did the previous time. I do it again, same response. After 4 or 5 times I gave up.
Android version 13 TKQ1.221013.002 Security update 2023-02-01
Any help will be appreciateed as I love my phone, but the lack of assistance is driving me back to Samsung.


XM12 Tester
Apr 22, 2021
We don't care if you switch to another brand. ;)
This is not a Xiaomi website. Go to the Xiaomi site.
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