Subject: Help Needed: Connecting Xiaomi AX3000 Nodes Properly for Optimal Wi-Fi Coverage


Jul 21, 2023
Dear Xiaomi Blog Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to seek some assistance regarding my Xiaomi AX3000 Mesh Wi-Fi setup. I recently purchased 2 packs of the Xiaomi AX3000 and an additional individual AX3000 router to improve the Wi-Fi coverage in my home.

Here's a brief overview of my setup:

1. Primary Node (Parent Node): I have successfully set up the first Xiaomi AX3000 router as the primary node.

2. Secondary Node: I have also configured the second AX3000 router as a secondary node, connected to the primary node via a LAN cable.

3. Third Node: My third AX3000 router is intended to be the third node, but I'm facing difficulties connecting it properly because it is connecting to the primary node (parent node).

The Problem:

Currently, my third node (AX3000) is connecting directly to the primary node (first one) instead of connecting to the second node. This is causing a weaker signal in the other rooms, as the third node is relying on the internet from the primary node.

What I've Tried:

1. Firmware Update: I have made sure that the firmware on all three nodes is up to date.

2. Wi-Fi Optimization: I've also utilized the Wi-Fi optimization feature to improve the overall performance.

However, despite these efforts, I am unable to establish a stable connection between the second and third nodes. I am seeking guidance on how to ensure that the third node connects properly to the second node while both maintain their respective connections with the first node.

I am open to any suggestions or step-by-step instructions that can help me resolve this issue.

Thank you all in advance for your valuable assistance and expertise. Your insights and recommendations will be highly appreciated.


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Jul 31, 2023
Did anyone find out how to connect satelite to another satelite (not to main router)?


Sep 26, 2023
Boa tarde,

Tenho o mesmo problema aqui, tenho 4 AX3000 e todos os nós se conectam no satélite.
Não cria uma malha propriamente dita :(