System Applications


Jun 19, 2021
Can you tell by what logic the system applications for xiaomi eu global firmware are updated?
since I noticed that for poco f3, application updates are very rare, whereas for weaker models, everything is updated, such as redmi note 10 pro
I even noticed that the version of the application in it is higher than in the DEV versions in dev 7.4.4 and here we meet 7.8.0 and all the latest updates of the camera and other applications.
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No problem I can pull out of your became a rom, but why is xiaomi eu ignoring poco f3 updates in stable builds, namely applications

I once asked you to update the security on miui 13 stable poco f3 xiaomi eu, since it had new features for poco f3, you updated it only in miui 14

somehow this is not a very normal update logic, it would not be easier to provide a repository of your applications for free access, there are many services such as telegram, terabox, github

I think there would still be a desire to upload, there is a channel in TG, but only DEV extracted from assemblies are uploaded there
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