Tasker (And maybe other apps) issues with MIUI after changing to 2.3.* Source


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Nov 7, 2010
Dunno WHAT miui developers did with the SMS database or sms subsystem or WHATEVER.

But after they started using the 2.3.3 source, SOMETHING changed, and at least for TASKER, it became imposible to use SMS related triggers.

After some testing, i verified that tasker can no longer READ from the message database (i guess thats why it never learns that a new message arrives,)

Vlingo works fine.

Tasker is an EXELENT app for me, but not reason enough to leave MIUI... and tasker developer PENT decided that fixing this is not worth it, so.. my only hope is that someone from here can talk to the chinese devs, to make the SMS database/whatever "standard" again :p

It's not really realted to gingerbread, but after version of 1.5.17, MIUI team did something with the global notification vibration. Since that, Tasker (and none of the 3rd party applications) are not able to manage to turn on and off the vibration on the notifications.
Seems to me, MIUI separated all the notification types, SMS and MMS from the main menu, and for the rest of the applications I only can manage it from their own menu. (or on the program tab)
Did anyone experience the same?
mm, i have not tested that, since i use a plugin for controlling audio manager pro for this.

i know its not gingerbread, per se, but i also know it started arround the time they migrated to gingerbread source.
I think they started to use different api calls from base android, and thats why these issues are there.
I'm seeing same thing, and didn't see this thread before contacting the developer Pent.

Yep, doesn't look like he's going to troubleshoot. If we could find the .apk that's doing something different we might be able to replace with the android stock one.
I think I found a solution:

As a trigger I set Notification for messaging app, then I copy Notification variable to my variable lets say notyf_txt. Then Variable search and replace, search for New message arrived, tick replace, but leave the field empty. the Misc -> Say -> Message from %notyf_txt and it should work :D Both for senders from your contact and for unknown numbers :D

Have a good day :)