Smartisan OS v0.5.0 13-10-15 for Mi2/2S

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    Smartisan OS v0.5.0 13-10-15 !

    Download link:

    Smartisan v0.4.0 α release for Mi2/2S ;

    v0.4.0 α New features and changes to the list
    System Global :
    optimization: the new brightness algorithm
    Status Bar
    Added: different types of notification icon in the status bar to display the different
    Contact :
    Added: Contacts can draw alphabet letters axis drive, more convenient operation

    v0.4.0 α bug fix list

    System Global :
    Fix: screenshot picture bottom left and right after the black spots appear
    fixes: Playing media files and use the volume keys to adjust the volume, the volume quickly pop radio button does not follow the volume bar to move together Bug
    Fixes: In some cases, the official Sogou input method
    fixes crashes: millet 2/2S mobile phone, in some cases, the installation is not successful application desktop display problem
    Fix: Play Store to download applications occur resulting Play Store flash back problems Fix: In some cases, the phone is switched / restart will appear error message "System Services error (10202)" problem
    Fix: Turn automatic brightness switch, manually adjust the screen brightness in the same light after the screen brightness own change problem
    Fix lock screen: Use the "everyday sounds" playing music, and then unlock the lock screen causes "nice day" crash fix: When the user sets the "Owner Information" long, lock screen can not be fully Show all message problemCall :
    Optimization: call waiting setting interactive optimization: in the "Settings -> Phone" and added "the called party number display function" switch option repairs: millet 2 phone during a call, the caller and called parties are no sound problems
    Fix: Dial an invalid MMI code (mobile shortcut command) after the call floating windows missing
    fixes: the language switched to English after the call interface of the two options (recording and mute) not translated
    Fix the problem: During a call, press the Home key, the starter sometimes does not display the phone floating window Bug
    Fixes: Rejecting a call after the screen displays the wrong question Repair: with a "call end" call to entering into conference calls cause the phone to crash when
    Fix problems: Call floating window undifferentiated problems dragging and click
    Fix action: setting "Contacts -> Display in the called party number" Switching status display error problem
    Notification Center :
    Fix: The system is set to "automatically switch Brightness", through the volume key to bring up the brightness shortcut pop, pop window luminance bar always shows the full grid of
    fixes: Cong Cool download a file, the title bar repeatedly flashing problem
    Contact :
    Fix: search long name of contact, showing error
    fixes: contact details in the editing interface, the "group" as "group" problem
    fixes: the contact details The editing interface, the number of category options menu alignment error
    fixes: From the Task Manager to switch back to "Settings -> Contacts" screen, and then choose to return directly back to the initiator of
    fixes: add a number to the There are contacts, number of types of characters displayed on the question superfluous arrow symbol
    Fix: Dial the number of the input interface to cut, the "Add to Contacts" and "Send SMS" option is still two problems Repair : In the Add Group contacts interface for searching, the page can not slide to the bottom, making it impossible to see the last contact
    fixes: In the contact list, click a contact's picture, some of the contact picture will appear misplaced Bug
    Fixes: In the Contacts application starts, switch the system language, there is a certain probability will happen contacts application flash back
    fixes: add a number from the dial-up interface to an existing contact, then click on any contact picture when flash back problem
    fixes: horizontal screen mode, camera mode to contacts with replacement avatar will pop up "on the phone without photo" prompt problem
    fixes: view contacts in the contact details of the group, and then return to the list when the list does not remember position
    fixes: Other applications call the contact list, contacts, order the wrong question
    Fix: in other applications contact list called search, no search results prompt that appears when text display dislocation
    fixes: Other applications call the contact list is not in alphabetical order
    fixes: the frequency sorted list, click on the second person's picture flash back problems occur
    SMSOptimization: SMS message list into the details of the sliding animation
    Optimization: Open input method when writing a new message automatically pops up repair: New text message, reply, select the shortcut will happen first flash back problems
    fixed: when there are fewer messages, click on the message list blank stuck cause the application occurs Bug
    Fixes: Send SMS click on the contact process, the switch interface fixes errors: SMS phone number appears in a long time overlaps with the display error problem
    fixes: Pro Emoji SMS list display problems
    Fix: Quick reply to write messages state that if your reply is too long will lead to abnormal interface
    fixes: Right in the message list of a certain probability will lead slip delete interface Caton Bug
    Fixes: When searching in the message and then unlock the lock screen causes unable to search for
    fixes: In the message list page, the lock screen and then unlock the list section will first appear dark and then light up the issue
    Fix: In the message list pages slide up, you can not see the last one dialogue problems Fix: SMS list interface can not edit SMS Bug
    Fixes: bulk SMS recipients scroll bar is displayed at the Bug Fixes: bulk SMS interface display error problem
    fixes: receiving a Pro Emoji with pictures and MMS, click on the picture only after viewing Bug
    Fixes: SMS quick reply box pops up occasionally unable to fix the problem: when the system language is English, SMS popups in the "pull down process SMS messages" Wrong translation problem
    fixes: Choose from contacts to send text messages, no automatic pop-up keyboard fixes: The system language is English, a multimedia title is displayed as "No subject" problem
    Fix: Sync SMS with third-party applications, its display time synchronization time, not all of the actual sending and receiving text messages a matter of time
    Fix: search for message content, some content does not match the highlighted
    fixes: SMS Pro Emoji show centered
    fixes: No SIM card (or flight mode) state, send text messages after the restart, the message is displayed as unread SMS problems
    CameraOptimization: Use front camera after shooting, the picture stays waiting options
    Fix: Memory space is not available, you can not fix the problems start recording function: use the front camera to take pictures, turn off the flash crash the camera fixes: lock screen state song is playing, the shortcut into the camera bypasses the lock screen password problem
    Fix: Open geopositioning cause the camera to automatically withdraw the application fixes: add an attachment in a text message when photographed, horizontal photograph is completed, the interface displays a small arrow direction still fix the problem will not go away: Mobile horizontal shooting , click on the record button to start recording prompt does not pop the question has been
    AlbumsOptimization: Set lock screen wallpaper, the wallpaper will be centered on the screen
    Fix: In the process of setting the lock screen wallpaper or press the Home key, leading to automatically exit setup problems
    Clock :
    Repair: Alarm repeat mode is "Never", the alarm clock rang off automatically once the problem is not fixed: with stopwatch, through the volume keys to adjust the volume transferred out pop, pop displays the volume and System volume inconsistencies
    Fix: When the alarm rings, alarm clock countdown time display error problem
    fixes: When the alarm rings click "Remind me later", and then back to starter page from the notification center to enter the alarm, the alarm countdown time display error
    fixes: New alarm when, in the "ring" and click on any ringtone and then click "No", the previously selected tones can not stop the problem in a timely manner
    Set upOptimization: Added "Settings -> Bluetooth" visible in the local switch
    Optimization: "Settings -> Bluetooth", click the device name dialog box that appears after the title changed to "change the device name", the cursor appears in the default device name Finally, select all the text by default
    Optimization: SIM card into the interactionFix: In the "Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Mobile Network Settings -> APN" can not normally edit the APN fixes: "Setting -> Advanced Settings -> Accessibility" in the upper left corner of the return key text
    Fix display the wrong question: "Settings -> Bluetooth -> Show received files" in the upper left corner of the return key text display error problem
    fix: In the "Settings -> WLAN" quickly turned on and off WLAN switch , switch the text below shows the wrong problem fixes: no SIM card is still able to open the cellular data problem
    Fix: Turn off automatic brightness and lock screen and then wakes up, will automatically adjust the brightness of
    fixes: In the "Settings -> Bluetooth -> Show received files "screen automatically rotates to landscape mode
    fixes: In the" Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Mobile Network Settings -> APN "in the name entry screen, click New APN, enter France does not automatically pop-up keyboard
    fixes: No SIM card, set the phone options can still be set to
    fix the problem: In the "Settings -> Bluetooth" for 2-3 times the Bluetooth toggle switch button, Bluetooth will on and off to switch between continuous
    fixes: In the "Settings -> Notification Center", click Close Notification Center, a confirmation dialog box will pop up in some cases,
    fix a recurring problem: In the "Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Mobile Network Settings -> Personal WLAN hotspot settings "open and close several times repeated WLAN hotspot lead interface display error problem
    Fix: In the" Settings -> Advanced Settings -> VPN "to save the name of the VPN long After the characters appear outside the text box
    fixes: In the "Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Mobile Network Settings -> APN" APN save long name will appear character overlay button issue
    fix: In the "Settings -> Sound and Vibration "and unable to" SMS tone / receive new mail / email / calendar reminders, "the tone is set to" no "questions
    OTAFix: After downloading the update package prompts that appear inconsistent with the needs of the problem

    Smartisan-0.3.6 Repair-MI2-0906 Remastered !!!


    update :
    1) update the kernel and WiFi
    2, optimize animations (no perfect solution Caton)
    3, adding ROOT privileges four, joined Tencent QQ QQ music and RE document management (no BUG)
    4) adding auxiliary camera (optimized rear camera front closed)
    5) delete the built-in applications, pure version, without any promotion software
    6, hammers OS which has some functions
    7, add audio control (perfect spike magic sound) detailed settings see

    known bug : auxiliary camera switches camera will FC (not yet added to the main imaging camera is taking pictures)

    Plus points i observed:
    1) Battery drain is much much better
    2) Accessory Camera app is very good with Autofocus & HDR mode & other useful features ! i think it is ported from MIUI !;)
    Rest all features are same with more stability & less FCs & unresponsiveness & no bloatwares are bundled with these builds....

    I must suggest those who are willing to try Smartisan OS, this is the right build for you to try it & feel great !
    Very happy with this build..... :D

    Smartisan OS 0.3.6 Telecom version

    Smartisan OS 0.3.6 Standard version

    If you like it, make me smile guys !!!:p

    Old versions is down under ...

    Smartisan OS v0.3.5 α release, for the first time to support the millet phone 2/2S Standard Edition

    Snapshots :


    Download link :

    v0.3.5 α bug fixes inventory

    system global
    1)Fix: lock screen state, long press the power button exhaled shutdown option, press the power button to turn off the screen light up the screen again Shutdown option is still displayed problems
    2)Fix: third-party applications have been uninstalled still in Google automatically download and update the store problem
    3)Fixes: system language to Simplified Chinese cases, some issues appear in English copywriting
    4)Fix: "Allow USB debugging "The problem of typographical errors pop
    5)Fix: dial-up interface text input area, select "Cut" cause the phone to crash
    6)Fix: Scientific calculator interface, answering the phone and turn on the speakerphone, the other party hang up the phone Hands logo still reside in the status bar problem
    7)Fix: Update the system using an incremental package is updated twice only problem setting
    8)Fix: In the Settings list, finger on the switch on the control can not be paddling up and down the question
    9)Fixes: In the "Settings -> passwords and lock screen -> Owner Information" will be "Owner information" input box output is full, the title bar dislocation problems
    10)Fix: In the "Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Mobile Network Settings -> APN -> New APN ", set the authentication type flash back when the problems
    11)Fixed: Bluetooth is turned off, in the "Settings -> Bluetooth" Failed to modify the device name issue
    12)Fix: " Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Developer Options "to modify the network device name after the restart, the modified network device name restored to the default name issue
    13)Fix: Macbook Air can not correctly identify the cause of the problem is not the device icon
    14)Fix: " Settings -> Bluetooth "and modify the device name, press the input text box, the text may disappear from third-party applications
    15)Fixed: Sohu video custom icon in the launcher does not display properly on issues contact
    16)Fixed: In the "Frequency" and "Time", click the first icon pops up when the contact's Favorite "Unable Favorites owner" message problem
    17)Fix: When adding contacts, message text in the dialog box is missing punctuation problem
    18)Fixes: In the "Collection" and enter the editing interface, mobile contacts sequence, select the contact is not the case, "Remove" button to point the problem can still be
    19)Fixed: no SIM card in the dial-up interface can not view the IMEI number of issues
    20)Fixed: contact name for the special characters are placed in top of the list of issues
    21)Fix: SD import contacts, splats error problem
    22)fixes: Pull alphabetical index table, slide left area of the letters of the index table is not automatically hidden problems
    23)Fix: system language to Simplified Chinese state, the switching group, appears in English prompts the question
    24)Fix: Open the menu over the sector, through the sliding contact list index list can not hide the problems
    25)Fix: Add contacts from the interface returns to the dial disk interface cause the phone to crash after repair: outgoing calls from contacts, the call window conjured slow problem
    26)Fixes: Through micro-channel synchronous contact, contact information duplication problem
    27)fixes: view the contact details, the access to other contacts page issue
    28)Fix: No SIM card, enter "2 #" prompt appears pop "is loaded from the SIM card" problem
    29)Fix: Adding a contact phone number somewhere after this contact not been added to the list of issues the corresponding location
    30)Fix: In the place / frequency / Added search for a contact in the list, then click Cancel'll find letters axes displayed in the list of issues
    31)Fixed: Click on the "Favorites" and "Call Log" flash back problems after repair: Group Contact Auto Select, the count is 0 / n problem
    32)Fixes: Delete a group, the error message text appears the problem
    33)Fixes: Add two of the same contact to collection interface After the deletion can only delete one problem
    34)Fixed: In Search Contact list screen, press the Home key to exit, and then create a new contact appears flash back problems
    35)Fix: In the new message, click the "+" sign to enter contact people list screen press the Back button to return to the problem can not be
    36)Fixed: group name is too long the issue is not followed abbreviations
    37)Fix: Select the "Text Share Contacts" to the micro-letter friends, unable to return to the contact problem
    38)Fixes: Sort by location contact list, unknown label name in the sliding contacts into a "#" problem
    39)Fix: Contact sorted by frequency interface display error problem
    40)Fixes: Edit contact process, change the system language and then came back Continue to edit flash back problems arise
    41)Fix: In the collection, contact name and number type string overlap problem
    42)Fix: When there are two names of the same contact, search for the name, the list appears as four Avatar Square problem
    43)Fixes: New local contact does not appear in the list of locations classification problem
    44)Fixes: New Groups Add group members, the contact list is empty and there is lightning when searching back issues
    45)Fix: The contact phone ringtone flash back when you make changes to the problems
    Fixed: in the group of the "Group Management" a "delete" operation, the selected group's name appears 46)the phenomenon of missing issues
    47)Fixed: reject an incoming call, the notification center still shows hints Problem
    48)Fix: Enter the number will be added to the existing contact, press the Back button to return directly to the dial-up interface issues Phone Repair: Type the name of the character is too long error caused the problem
    49)Fix: "Settings -> phone" Call waiting options below, descriptive text is not displayed by default problem
    50)Fixes: During a call, press the Home key to enter the Task Manager screen, tap Phone floating windows can not return the call interface issues
    51)Fixed: call, click the phone in the Notification Center interface Floating windows can not return the call interface issues
    52)Fix: During a call, manually entered numbers still show the next call interface issues
    53)Fix: In the "Settings -> Phone" open call transfer, and then click from the notification center "Call shift "into the interface error problem SMS
    54)Fix: recipient input box, paste the result after a specific string SMS crash
    55)Fix: Click the "Add New Shortcut reply" keyboard does not pop up automatically when the problem
    56)Fixes: Not set mailbox client, click SMS popup does not appear in the e-mail address issues prompt message
    57)Fix: SMS reply message popup in the process of editing, but also receives a new message, edit the message before sending to the wrong contacts will issue
    58)Fix: In the edit box without deleting records, "undo delete" option is not hidden problems
    59)Fix: In some cases, turn off SMS pop, SMS angle standard errors show the number of issues
    60)Fixed: lock screen after reply SMS SMS subscript displayed as "-1" problem
    61)Fix: Update a contact name in a text message, the title bar does not always update problem
    62)Fix: SMS sending failure prompted mapping error problem
    63)Fixes: delete the last one recipients, title bar does not update problem
    64)Fix: Disable contact, call the contact appears new SMS flash back problems Repair: Tips there are unread messages, open the message after the application failed to show new content issues
    65)Fixed: bulk SMS, the " N has been sent "prompt to re-enter the" bulk SMS "in order to show the problem
    66)Fixes: bulk SMS, the font color confusing problem
    67)Fixes: to the same group of contacts to send an SMS and MMS after sms dialog interface, SMS and MMS chronological order fails to send questions Camera
    68)Fix: SMS using front camera video, after shooting only a preview can not continue shooting problems album
    69)Fix: screenshot after deleting the picture in the album after the notification Click for screenshot completion notification will display black screen issue
    70)Fix: delete the photo album, the thumbnails are still problems
    71)Fix: return starters from all the albums, and then enter the album did not go to "All Albums" issue lock screen repair : reject an incoming call, the phone lock screen does not display correctly subscript number of questions missed callsNotification Center
    72)Fix: Close receive push notification, the notification center still shows the question to remind
    73)Fix: lock screen down the Notification Center, according to After the Notification Center Home key issues can not hide the clock repair: New Alarm screen, click on the "label" does not automatically pop up after the keyboard problem
    74)Fixes: world clock interface, add more cities, automatically exit the application issues
    75)Fixed: Open clock applications quickly after switching to "Timer", the timer ring pull down the problem can not be
    76)Fixed: repeat mode for the alarm setting, the alarm signal will not repeat the question again
    77)Fix: Set the alarm repeat mode, the switch system language , repeat mode returns to "Never" state issue notes
    78)Fixed: notes listing page can not be adjusted manually sort notes issue
    79)Fix: New notes during a call, and saved, end the call and then create notes, notes content wrong question Repair : lock screen mode call, click to call notes, the input method can not bounce problem
    80)Fixes: notes text more than 140 English characters, but less than 140 Chinese characters, click Share to send long microblog microblogging reminder problem
    81)Fixes: New notes and edit, then in the "Settings" to modify the system language, in edit mode in the disappearance of notes
    82)Fix: The system language is English, use sticky notes to send long microblogging cause problems automatically exit the application
    83)Fixes : In some cases, swipe right to delete notes, the "Delete" button disappearing problem
    84)Fixed: In some cases, the list in the notes page, click on the left slide notes caused many problems notes
    85)Fix: In some cases Next, start the application directly to the new notes issue notes
    86)Fix: Click the text notes when the blue bar appears at the cursor position problems calculator
    87)Fixed: Click the number display area, accidentally deleted digital issues
    88)Fixed: Scientific calculator interface The status bar disappears problems

    Flashing Method :

    Flash Note

    1, the Flash tutorial millet phone 2/2S only for the standard version, the Windows environment under the Flash machine operation;
    2, in the process of Flash and Flash after successful use, please do not reset or clear the SD card data, otherwise it will cause the phone can not start;
    3, millet phone 2/2S standard version of the Flash machine Fastboot mode , and Samsung i9300 international version of the Flash machine is completely different, please read the tutorial and strictly follow the tutorial operation;
    4, make sure the phone's internal SD space is greater than 2 G;
    5, Flash machine to bear to give up the official warranty rights and the phone can not properly Operating risks arising as a result of any Flash machine problems and failures, the hammer does not assume any responsibility for science and technology;
    6, the Flash machine tutorial part from the Internet and technology official after finishing hammer, hammer any copyright issues, please contact Technology. Flash the required documents
    1, Smartisan OS millet phone 2/2S Standard Edition ROM package (MD5: 62a29d2abafc59a991bf4f44f737a871). Download:;
    2, Flash Kit (MD5: 32位: cec1ac6141c63aad4a6ecb742cba4e3e 64位: ae673261b50b00766be86d2db5957e9e ). Download: 32-bit Windows operating systems: ; 64-bit Windows operating system:;
    3, millet Phone 2/2S Standard Edition Recovery Pack (MD5: 9a73b3aa6292520b1c4d5b8739ae25f5 ). Download: . Flash preparation
    1, download the ROM package and the corresponding system version (32 or 64) of the Fastboot Flash Kit;
    2, Flash Kit AdbWinApi.dll, fastboot.exe and millet 2/2S Reovery package 20130830_recovery_mi2.img three extract the files to the same folder, Note: The folder path can not contain Chinese, make a note of the folder path in the Flash into Recovery when needed;
    3, millet phone 2/2S Standard Edition install USB drivers, From millet communities Recommended Driver

    Installation Guide: .
    Flash Step into the official Recovery 1, turn the phone off; 2, turned off, press and hold the volume up and power button, enter the official Recovery, this time the volume up and down keys can be operated via the power button to confirm; 3, select "Clear Data "->" Clear All Data "->" OK ";
    4, successfully clear the user data and select "Back"; 5, select "reboot system" -> "reboot into the system a" NOTE: You must select from. " system is a "Restart, Flash machine to operate properly into Smartisan OS. Flash into Recovery
    1, the phone has successfully restarted, the ROM pack into the phone SD card root directory;
    2, turn the phone off, turned off the phone connected to the computer;
    3, hold the phone volume down and power button to enter fastboot;
    4 on the computer, click "Start" -> "Run" (Windows 8 can use shortcut keys to bring up the Win + R), in the "Run" dialog box, enter "cmd" (without the quotes) to open a command prompt;
    5 at the command prompt, enter "cd X: \ xxxx" (without the quotation marks, set "X: \ xxxx" is replaced Flash Kit where the file path), press the Enter key;
    6, at the command prompt, enter " fastboot flash recovery 20130830_recovery_mi2.img "(without the quotation marks) and press Enter;
    7, waiting window displays "finished" after the command prompt, enter "fastboot boot 20130830_recovery_mi2.img" (without the quotation marks) and press Enter , window displays "finished" means has been successfully Flash into Recovery. Flash into Smartisan OS millet phone 2/2S Standard Edition ROM package

    1, reboot into Recovery interface, through the volume keys to move the cursor up and down, through the power key to confirm the operation;
    2, select "wipe data / factory reset" -> "Yes - delete All user Data ";
    3, select "Wipe cache partition" -> "Yes - Wipe Cache";
    4, select "install zip from sdcard" -> "choose zip from sdcard" - Select "smartisan- "->" Yes - Install ";
    5, the installation is complete,

    select "Go Back" -> "reboot system now "phone will restart

    Enjoy Flashing guys !

    It is officially published on Smartisan OS website & in some chinese website.... even i just copy pasted it here with little word formatting.... Forgive me if there are any mistakes in spelling & point me those i will promptly update them here...

    Since there is a huge improvement in this version from the previous version, it is worth giving it a try... as we can notice that in the change log, 89 FIXES !!!

    would you mind pressing like button if i have helped a bit here ? that's all i ask you... it takes a lot of time to collect these info & crop it & post here in the correct format ! please appreciate it guys ... it hardly takes 2 secs to press like.. i will update it as soon as the new updates are released !!!

    More to come soon.... please wait & report your experience with this amazing looking OS !!!
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  2. phani


    May 26, 2013
    Comment on battery backup and i would love to give it a try
    Y the hell still xiaomi is not releasing kernel sources :(

    Edit : Just comment on phone idle drain, check it overnight and be fair ;)
    If it drains only 3 to 5 % for 8hrs sleep then its normal, If it drains 20 to 25% like in CM 10.2 / Mokee then its a waste of 3rd party custom rom based on 4.2.2, Just my opinion though ;)

    Edit2: I watched this video and really impressed
    Everyone please have a look you won't be disappointed
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  3. manohar


    Jun 6, 2013
    Phani, i changed to Mokee's.... sorry bro !
    you have to wait for some one who are willing to try. i had some issues with my phone, had to rollback to Mokee's.
    will check it later & report here....
  4. phani


    May 26, 2013

    New version ( with ivan's kernel)
    1) Fixes led blinking
    2) Added Root permissions
    3) Displays battery correctly

    Download Link:
    Battery drain will be there i think since it uses the same kernel :( :(
  5. manohar


    Jun 6, 2013
    Where did you get that bro ?
  6. phani


    May 26, 2013

    In forum :)
  7. phani


    May 26, 2013
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  8. xeGox


    Feb 26, 2013
    But... is there any official smartisan OS release?
    Or only cofface's release?

    Only to know....

    Inviato dal mio MI 2 con Tapatalk 2
  9. dexxa05


    Jan 3, 2013
    The first post is official version.

    Envoyé depuis mon MI 2S en utilisant Tapatalk 4
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  10. manohar


    Jun 6, 2013
    Guys, there are so many Smartisan OS versions available on site. Everyday one developer is coming up with few tweaks !
    So bear with me for not updating every release.
    Only if there are any major changes , i will surely update it... Thanks for understanding ! Take care & Happy Flashing ;)
  11. manohar


    Jun 6, 2013
    Here comes one more update from the ATX Team which gave the 0.2 & 0.3 alpha version previously ! before the official release of Smartisan OS !

    Xiaomi Mi2/2S Hammer ROM Smartisan OS 0.3.5 α mod / New Kernel / Floating Window open:

    - ROM Name smartisanos-0.3.5-alpha-mod
    - Android version 4.2.2
    - smartisanos version 0.3.5-alpha-for mi2
    - Fit models Millet 2/2s
    - ROM makers ATX Team
    - Published 2013.08.31

    Thank Akiba wind, grondinm, cofface and all producers of millet 2 CM
    thanks @ Shanghai, a sister paper @ WU Xiao salty two friends lent me MI2 phone
    thank all costs of this service the phone to make a donation classmates :)
    Thank ATX Team @ Ry09iu @ Nic_ Snow White @ big stars involved in the production of the ROM

    • Based smartisanos-0.3.5-alpha modify production
    • Add root privileges
    • Streamline extra useless dynamic wallpaper Han, are they not change wallpaper
    • Modify floating window called again (although personally feel this design is good hammer to prohibit the desktop cluttered with Andrews, but inevitably some people love to see the lyrics on the desktop, but also within the group should seek to amend)
    • Using 23 new kernel
    • Autumn update wifi module update some of the relevant documents Daxin
    • Bug fixes inflated electricity
    • Mac address bug fixes
    • Fix breathing lights lit bug, restore flashing
    • Download Internet Phone provides telecommunications OK
    • The remaining details of your own experience
    • bluetooth bug - Unable to connect to Bluetooth headset sometimes !
    who is living in Bluetooth era ? It looks like most probably the problem is with the 4.2.2 kernel version !



    Credits :
    ATX team full name Advanced Technology Xtreme. In ING's strong support network, by several industry-renowned ROM makers together to create, was established in June 2012. Committed to creating superior quality third-party ROM production team to explore the potential of the ROM developers, train outstanding Android ROM development talent, enhance the industry as a whole ROM production standards. - ATX team works


    Enjoy guys ! Happy Flashing !!!;)
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  12. phani


    May 26, 2013
    Hello Everyone, I tried the rom posted by me and battery drain is not there, Yes you heard it right, Overnight for 9hrs idle of phone my battery drained only 4% (3100mah battery though ;) ). I observed one thing when compared to CM 10.2, using better battery stats i found in alarms section that in CM 10.2 we had fast dormancy bug ,which was reason for battery drain( alarm), Now in this rom no alarm from, I think cofface has done something (I saw in changelog optimsed for Unicom Version.... etc etc) in CM 10.2 :( that became the reason for battery drain

    I think i will try mokee's rom once to check the alarm exists or not :)
  13. DNL666


    Jul 15, 2013
    There is update from cofface (2013.09.01). It's clear, without Chinese add-ons, rooted. Working quite ok :)

    Sent from my MI 2 using Tapatalk 4
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  14. phani


    May 26, 2013
    Use a day or 2 and comment on battery performance
    Concentrate on overnight (phone in completely idle state)drain please, and report it back here
  15. manohar


    Jun 6, 2013
    Hi all, battery is perfectly normal... no drain at all. equivalent to MIUI...
    also the camera app is very good & is included as an accessory !
    Try it & let me know about your experiences.... almost no bugs or FCs at all... :)
  16. Tubecat


    Sep 21, 2012
    almost? what ones you have?
  17. manohar


    Jun 6, 2013
    The only problem was Battery & few FCs with camera & Unresponsiveness when you try to launch few apps.... & also sometimes instant restart...
    I have not observed any of these in this build. i have been using it since afternoon.
    Hence i posted this.
    Also you can check the changelog & the link for more details ! incase if you are not happy with my clarifications....;)
  18. Tubecat


    Sep 21, 2012
    HOME button is not working for me in 0.3.6 :(
    Headset is not detected at all
    I'll try clearing caches again, but I don't think that'll help
  19. youss59


    Jul 23, 2013
    this rom is multilang?
    I will be very tempted to try
    sorry for my english, google translation .....
  20. manohar


    Jun 6, 2013
    I dont have that problem... & my headset is working fine...
    May be you should reinstall this ROM after wiping cache & dalvik cahce once again !

    @youss59: it is Bilingual with English & Chinese only at present....
    You can try it easily !
  21. youss59


    Jul 23, 2013
    me and English, that makes two:(
  22. Tubecat


    Sep 21, 2012
    Tried that, home started working. Still headset is detected, but icon is not shown. And headset button not works - same as on MoKee roms. It works as screen tap and is not firing proper ACTION_MEDIA_BUTTON event
  23. manohar


    Jun 6, 2013
    New version released v0.4.0 alpha with many bug fixes !
    for more details, see the first page ! ;)
    MSephiroth and xeGox like this.
  24. it's realy cool rom, i hope in one day i can install it instead MIUI!
  25. manohar


    Jun 6, 2013
    HA HA HA... Just like how one day i want to walk on Moon !

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