Tech problem with proximity sensor

Oct 11, 2013
I hope someone could help me. After replacement of broken screen ( I replaced it a few times, I have now 2 screens :) I start to have a problem with proximity sensor. It show properly when is covered, but don't get back to "uncovered" state . This happen more often. I tried to clean the sensor eye and it work. After I fitted IMAK screen protector (no hole for sensors), sensor show it is constantly covered. So I replaced the screen for my spare one, with witch I haven't got that problem before. I clean the sensor eye from the inside, cleaned sensors with the cotton stick with a bit of alcohol. When I put together the phone, the sensor played again :(

I found, that it is not a dirty glass, when it show "covered", I press the glass near top edge, and there is instant reaction - it show correct readings for a while.

I disabled option to use this sensor if the phone is in pocket, but it also play when I have a call. When I take the phone off the ear, it is still black, I need to press the glass.

I tried to tide up the screws to max, no result.

I assume that after a few times I dismantled the phone, something happen with the sensor. But it is still clean, it can not be dislocated (there is special shape hole in the screen for rubber case, where sensors are).

What the hell could go wrong, what can cause the problem? It start happen to work incorrectly after a few weeks after it has been last time opened. I didn't drop it within this time (dropped it once, when I broke the screen few months ago).

I use 2 apps for testing sensor, both show the same.
Feb 20, 2013
Half way down I was thinking, screen protector needs holes, it you fixed that. I had the same but it was the protector to blame
Oct 11, 2013
I fixed that. I tried other digitizer/screen, had also issues, even without screen protector. On the sensors there is rubber casing, i belive it has been cover a bit proximity sensor. I found plenty of topics aboutt same ossue with iphone 4. I removed that rubber, and fitted a black piece of foam between sensors . Now works fine, the only difference i noticed is the sensor sense now from abot 2cm, not 4 like before. I will post later some pics

fot. sensors on motherboard

rubber casing and piece of black spunge (cut i thin stripe of it)

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