New Telegram Floating Window Bug


Sep 18, 2020
I noticed that in the latest version of the Stable ROM for Mi 10 Ultra (I don't know if it also happens on other devices) when you receive any notification from telegram (the official app from the play store not the version of telegram X strangely that works correctly ) and you want to drag the notification down to bring up the "flying window" the telegram opening logo appears and then everything disappears, but the strangest thing is that once you turn the phone in any application (as for put a video on youtube to full screen) the phone does a very fast reboot by itself and as soon as the device is unlocked again the only information that appears is at the bottom with the words that "search for the device has stopped". To replicate this bug just receive a telegram notification, expand it and turn the screen (this works even if the screen is already turned when you return it to a vertical position it restarts itself). I don't know if this is a Telegram or ROM problem but it doesn't seem to happen with any other app