The phone switches itself off automatically after replacing the battery


Jul 3, 2020

I conducted a battery replacement on my friend's Mi6'tce. I ordered a new (original) copy from a leading store in Poland, production date 10.2019. Initial tests after replacement (I used the TestM application) were passed 100% correctly, including the correct charging current on QuickCharge. Unfortunately, on the second day I got information that the phone goes crazy in terms of battery indications - it shows the given % for several to several dozen minutes and then turns itself off. Trying to start even after 5 minutes does not help, only after connecting (even for a few seconds) to charging, the phone gets up. The situation has not changed despite the passage of the week - I know that the battery must "catch the statistics", but unfortunately it did not help.

I would be very grateful for tips on how to solve this problem, I have some experience in similar repairs, but I honestly do not know what could be the cause. Maybe I can force calibration manually?