Apr 13, 2013
Someones will remember, my phone was water damaged and i asked ******* can u correct for the cost of repair. They said ok and i sent phone

1. 22.07.2013

2. 08.08.2013 phone arrived, i paid 6$

3. 16.08.2013 Phone repaired, paid 40$ for mainborad and 20$ for shipping

4. 23.08.2013 they shipped back

5. 22.10.2013 there was a big mistake. İ sent mi2s and now i have mi2

6. 23.10.2013 i have sent photo about mistake. My package and phone was right but mainboard was wrong.

7. 23.10.2013 they said that
"Ok.Noted! I check with the repairment deparment and reply you soon!” But they said that they are sure about there is no mistake. İ wanted from them to check new imei belong to mi2 so they can see whose phone is this but newer did
8. 24.10.2013 they wanted photo and video]

9. 28.10.2013 i realised that proximity sensor was faulty also later i learnt that prox sensor is a part of mainboard. They said that the problem can be about root method. İf i flash my phone mi2 would change to mi2s

10. 28.10.2013 you know S.acar who also sent his phone to ******* for repair and mainboard changed, ******* sent this document to him. İ wanted same document from them but they never send to me

11. 29.10.2013 when i want document like this one so they said that they changed some parts of my phone. (before they said that mainboard replaced)

12. 13.11.2013 after one month i was still waiting for their magical root files

13. 16.11.2013 finally they sent root method there noting different that was known fastboot method. They wanted video again about flashing rom and proximity problem. The phone was mi2 again :)

14. 18.11.2013 finaly they accepted their mistake and called my phone back to repair. They said that the phone will be repaired also they will pay my all shipping cost (liar)

15. 18.11.2013 i shipped and paid 6$ again

16. 06.12.13 they received my phone

17. 19.12.2013 still under repairment

18. 08.01.2014 after one month i asker last situation and they sais next Friday everything will be right

19. 10.02.2014 one more month...

20. 13.02.2013 finaly they said “dont worry we will send you new phone” (best liar)

21. 21.02.2014 final bomb, after for a long time i asked “HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT FROM ME J” so they replied quickly also they asked me to sell old one for them and send money to them

22. 22.02.2014 as a second option they wanted 100$ to repair old one and send back to me. İf you remember first messages they said that “we wont want extra money” also if you remember first messages again, new mainboard 40$ and shipping was 20$ totally 60$ but they want 100$?! Now

23. Today: they offered to send old one firstly and i will pay 200$ when receive so they will send me new one.

Guess what i did, i have paid 47$ and said that send my faulty mi2 (was mi2s) to my cousin to germany with charger and case. İthey said ok but i am not sure about can i take my phone back.

As you can see my story lasted 8 month with them and now i know ******* about what kind of seller

İ will write this story for everywhere all forums, for Chinese Consulate

İ have paid extra 120$ for noting, their warranty is a biggest lie

İ think everyone must see and learn this

After they see my this post i am sure about they wont send my old phone, i will write here every news

Sorry for my english, i tried my best

One not for Markhuk: when i told these problems to him he would immediately speak to their ceo. He newer asked to them, and leaved me alone

This is my old topic about my problems C4%B0aom%C4%B0.22471/#post-188048


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Jan 23, 2014
I'm so so sorry man, and thank you for your sharing. I was thinking to buy from them, but experiences like yours and @mblowt's story taked me to think again.
Jun 6, 2013
For this one reason i hate to deal with the middle man.
If it would have been Xiaomi itself, they would have easily replaced your Phone & would have maintained their reputation.
Now even they are helpless as they want ******* also & you also.... they can't do much.
I pity you. Even i have somewhat similar story from Umi X2. I just want to forget that incident. Thats all.
Oct 17, 2012
Maybe next time, just buy the sparepart for your phone trouble and fix it yourself or ask local phone repairshop to fix it. It much safer. All I can see with ******* problem is, they tried to fix the phone themselves but they aren't capable (?).


Apr 13, 2013
Maybe next time, just buy the sparepart for your phone trouble and fix it yourself or ask local phone repairshop to fix it. It much safer. All I can see with ******* problem is, they tried to fix the phone themselves but they aren't capable (?).
There was writing 1 year warranty, ofcourse i asked to buy new mainboard but they said that we dont sell separepart, we must see and send to xiaomi. They never sent to xiaomi, if they sent there wont be any problem. İ asked for tecnical documents from xiaomi they couldnt send to me

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May 11, 2013
I will think twice before buying again from *******. I think it's very clear that you are completely right in your complaints, and I think ******* earns enough money to have sent you a new phone and keep their reputation. But they choose to ruin it.
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Jul 30, 2013
You have my shoulder bro!
I thought I had the worst story with them but yours is more than incredible...
Wanna go together to Shenzhen and f**** them up?!?
Nov 10, 2013
uffffff...what a ****** story...damn, man... you've got nerves of steel!

i have finally decided to make a purchase from them...Mi3 (400 $)...and now, after reading this...don't know...

anyone have some experience with to2c ?!? Mi3 is around same price...
Apr 13, 2013
They are international fraudsters. There must be a place to protect us from sellers like they

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Oct 11, 2013
Well, I sent to them my mi2s, with faulty digitizer. after a lot of emails, skype conversations, and writing to them on FB board, they sent me back fixed phone. Even with free dhl, as I fighted on FB. The only thing they are scare of is a bad press, so wrote to them on FB board, so everyone can see that, they will want to cover it up quickly. As I dont belive for refund of postage cost, i asked for some gadgets, andbelive or not, i receive them. Also, i promise them to write a feedback on a few forums about my warranty, so they had a business with dealing with my case.
But next time i will simply use PayPal to get money back, just remember about 45 days policy.
Is there any store in China, who do warranty, and do it honestly?

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Oct 25, 2013
I just hope I will not have to do it your way. Its a week as my phone in theirs possession. After asking for some details they said to wait for update.

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Oct 25, 2013
Today they wrote me that device is fixed and, as I expected, they requested some ransome to send device via DHL or else they may send via china mail...