Theme Manager not installed


Jan 31, 2011
Hey guys, I'm using this ROM now, and themes seemed to be working ok.

However, I clicked on the, "Theme Downloader", which told me a new version was out and did I want to upgrade.. I upgraded and downloaded a theme. It asked me whether I wanted to install the theme using the Theme Manager, so I clicked yes.
After this, I got an error saying, "Theme Manager is not installed", even when I can clearly see it is installed.

Any idea of the problem? I tried searching and couldn't see anything about it.

Edit: I'm using 1.1.28-MIUIDEV
same me...

yesterday for other reasons I did some full wipes and then some new full installs.
Now I fixed all problems I had and I can confirm that app "theme downloader" is no more present.
There is only theme manager app.

Maybe MIUI devs joined the 2 apps... Reasonable choice.... ;)
Unuseful having 2 apps to manage same thing ;)
Try one of the following two options:

Find the theme using the built in file manager, make sure the extension is.mtz. Apply the theme.


Use the theme manager in settings/personal to download and apply. That's what I've been using without many issues. It's not bug free, but it works more than not.

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My problem is The Theme Downloader was showing an error message after I 1st installed miui.. & I can't install ANY THEMES.. Even the preset ones