[To The MIUI Developers] Please full port/Cook for x10


Aug 14, 2011
Hi everyone! I appeal to developers MIUI please make a full port MIUI for x10. Bootloader was broken, the reason for the port - does not work zoom in the camera, there are bugs in the firmware. Sorry for my bad english!
my request is the same. I will be pleased if some one full port the miui for sony xperia x10. because It's boot loader has broken.thank you
Dear MIUI developers, we(x10 users) expect u pay attention to what we requirement because your rom has a lot of fans, I hope u to do it as soon as possible,
please make a full port MIUI for x10
thank u
count me in.....
please give us full port MIUI for x10. there should be no excuse because the Bootloader has been unlocked.

we'll beg you to give us full port miui ....

best wishes..
hi devs
now our bootloader is unlocked & now we are want full support from miui devs for our lovely X10
Please Full Port MIUI Rom for SE X10