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Dec 30, 2016
At first sorry for any mistakes :)
Since i've upgraded my phone to MIUI 8(Nougat, actually MIUI 7.4.27) i've problem with connection to my sport watch TomTom Runner. I'm connecting to watch by dedicated TomTom app called Sports:

I'm doing these steps during pairing devices:
- at the beginning in bt settings(phone) watch isnt listed
- on phone i turn on bt and gps an lauch tomtom app
- in app and watch i'm entering in pairing mode and my watch is being searched
- after that watch is visibled in app and paired with my phone(visible in bt settings) and i can download my trainings from watch

After my next trainig when i want to download activity from my watch - device is not visible for phone. In bt settings(on phone) watch is visible in paired devices list. Phone is searching for watch but they dont see each other - of course bt on phone and watch is turned on.
To download training i have to do pairing procedure from the beginning which is very annoyoing and frustrating.

On MIUI 7 everything was working fine.

Thanks for help
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Apr 30, 2017
i 'm also dealing with the same problem. i have Tomtom Runner 2 and muiu 7.4.6. The watch cannot connect to the app, so in BT options i press "forget device", then return to the app and "find device" after every activity. i cant find any solution