Translating for multiple devices


May 8, 2011

A while ago, I've started improving the translation for Brazilian Portuguese packs that is out there, but only for the Milestone platform. Now we're trying to expand our translations to mostly all supported phones. Trying if the right word at the moment.

Since some people here are more experienced with translation for other devices, I thought that it was only fair to me to ask here as well. So I ask you guys: Can anyone point me the apks that are different in each device so I can sor the translations out? For example, I know that obviously the framework will be different for each device.

It will be a HUGE help for me, guys. Since for now i'm planning the translations by myself, i have no way of testing each one to match the differences, and sorting out one by one and file by file will be a lot of work to catch on.

Thanks in advance,

It is only the framework that differs, however you should compile each individual apk with the respective device framework to ensure the least amount of errors. Hope that helps a little :)