New True Caller, Viber, Kakao Talk... not workin.. ??

Apr 11, 2012
maybe this is a NOOB question... or maybe I am missing something some where.. which again is probably NOOBy.. :p

anywayz since the last update n this weeks update... the following apps not workin...
1. True Caller.
2. Viber
3. Kakao Talk
as in .. they are working ... but when ever an unknown number calls the true caller doesn't activate and display details.
the other two.. well I dun get calls on viber n kako talk or even messages unless I go n open the app...??
this wasn't the case earlier...
I tried looking at settings.. but I couldn't figure out what the issue was..
I did uninstall and reinstall all of em and its still the same.. !!!
:( please help... !!!!

ah.. forgot to mention m using a S2... :p
May 17, 2013
i just checked the details of viber , its working fine for me .. getting msgs and viber calls too :) so do the changes and reboot your phone and then try :)
Apr 11, 2012
kakao talk is working fine now... n I haven't got any call from any unknown number so I dun know about True Caller... damn where are those tele marketers when u need em.. :p