Twrp 3.6.2 with android 12 support has been released


Apr 17, 2022
Apologies first time TRWP user here can you clarify which option is best for the Mi 11 ultra on Xiaomi EU Rom do I flash current TWRP, Onekey injection or Recovery ramdisk? Which one is best once TWRP has booted up for the first time. Thanks.
Is your device already on Android 12, which Build-Number to you have?

My Mi Ultra was on SKACNXM (installed with Fastboot Rom).
To update the rom to SKACNXM (which needs to be installed with TWRP) I used TWRP from here:

Since Mi 11 Ultra is an A/B device I used the instructions by @gogocar62 and @katerpanne
I renamed downloaded TWRP to twrp.img, copied it to the main folder on the internal storage of the phone and into the Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder on the Notebook. Then booted the phone to Fastboot mode and booted temporarily to TWRP by using the code:
fastboot boot twrp.img

After TWRP was booted, I changed the language from Chinese to English, see pictures from @gogocar62ázvu-1-png.42793/

I flashed now TWRP permanently (from temporarily booted TWRP) by "Install" "Install img", choosed "twrp.img" from the internal storage and flashed it to: recovery_Ramdisk
After that I used the back navigation button to "Restart" "Restart to Recovery"

After TWRP was rebooted, I choosed SKACNXM Rom zip file (which I had already stored on phones internal storage), selected it by "Install" and flashed it without any problems.
After flashing was successful finished I rebooted phone to systém.

TWRP remains after flashing the Rom and from now on next Update can downloaded by the Updater (which is called OTA Update here) and then flashing it by this TWRP.
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