Twrp, From One To Another Rom...

Jun 14, 2016
Hi, guys. When my Redmi 3 PRO came from China, it had some custom, fake global ROM. I was trying many options, and only fastboot worked out. These are my questions:
1. When going from custom ROM to EU ROM, why it is needed to install official ROM first, unlock it and then flash EU ROM? How could someone install custom ROM and still after that bootloader was locked?
(btw. I succeeded with fastboot China stable ROM, everyone is saying it must be China developer ROM)
2. Right now I have latest stable EU MIUI 7 ROM installed. Am I going to be able to install MIUI 8 EU via Updater app?
3. I guess that bootloader will be locked again only if I install official ROM for any reason. If so, do I need to apply for unlocking again?
4. Going from EU EMUI 7 to EU EMUI 8 version, via TWRP - Can I do it directly, or still need to install official ROM first?
5. Do I always need to boot to TWRP via fastboot boot recovery.img command? And install TWRP each time when want to change ROM? Because I could not boot to TWRP in any other way.
Jun 5, 2016
1. I dont know bout that, bcoz im using RN2 and doesn't need to unlock bootloader.. But, all i know is that latest Xiaomi phones have locked their bootloader, and ofcos u need to unlock it first to flash custom rom.
2. Updater means OTA, and u can read bout that in the download section which they said that it would take more time for them to give OTA. So, its better for u to just download it and flash it manually.
3. Afaik, once u unlocked bootloader, it will always stay like that, even if u flash official ROM.
4. U dont have to flash official rom again, just continue with the flashing directly.
5. Is the twrp still there after u flash it? Or still with the stock recovery? Try using this command first using fastboot to flash recovery (fastboot flash recovery "recovery.img") without the quotes.

Hope this will helps u.

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