Unable to autostart Mi Mover


Jan 22, 2021
Hi everyone
I am moving from OnePlus 8 Pro to Mi 10 using Mi Mover I can transfer all images, videos, apps but couldn't transfer my SMS. Mi Mover on the sender device reports all texts were transfered succesfully, but on the receiver ( Mi 10) the app shows a red exclamation mark, and not a single SMS is shown. I was trying a workaround by granting Mi Mover all permissions and enable it to autostart. Here is the problem, the Mi Mover app installed by default in Xiaomi.eu ROM is an old version, so I had to install the new one from the Play Store. This new version does not let me Autostart the app, when I toggle the button to enable it, it switches it back to the off position.
The second issue I'm facing is with the Play Store notifications. I try to Autostart Google Play Store but I can't find the app in the Autostart list.
I need help with these issues so I can finally migrate to Xiaomi Mi 10. Any help would very well appreciated

Igor Eisberg

Lead Developer
Staff member
Oct 6, 2016
We don't modify the Mi Mover app, so this is something you should report directly to Xiaomi.