Unable to complete Bluetooth file transfers with Desire and MIUI... help please?


Nov 26, 2010
I'll just crosspost this from the Desire GSM subforum:

I have MIUI 0.11.19 on my Desire, and everything works perfectly except Bluetooth.

Basically, every time I try to send a file from my phone to my PC, the transfer starts correctly, but then fails 2-3 seconds later. The computer claims that the device (the phone) cancelled the transfer, while the phone just says that it was not completed.

It's important to notice that, whatever it is that triggers the failure, it seems to be time-related, not size-related. For example, if I transfer a really small file, the transfer bar might be able to reach more than half of the process before failing. While if I attempt to transfer something bigger, it will barely start to grow and then get cancelled.

Transfers also seem to fail (even faster) the other way around (that is, from the PC to the phone).

I've also tried to send files from/to a Nokia 5800 without success. The transfer fails just before beginning.

I should point out that the Bluetooth communication between these devices (Desire, PC, 5800) was flawless with my previous ROM (LeedDroid 2.2f), so I assume it must have something to do with MIUI.

I've tried reflashing the radio (, deleting the cache and even reflashing the MIUI ROM (without wiping anything... that would really suck at this point), but to no avail.

Does anyone have ANY idea? It's just the only thing which is not working, and it's a shame because it's an important one... I just can't send or receive anything!

Thanks in advance.
I gave up Bluetooth transfer. I usually use phone data transfer tool to help us transfer data between mi phone and computer. With its help, after connecting mi phone to computer via usb cable, start the program. Then we can easily transfer data between them.
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In addition to Bluetooth, there are other methods to transfer files to PC.

1.Mi PC Suite is the official Mi device desktop client that allows you to share PC internet, manage files from Mi devices.

2.The most common way is to use USB cable,this is the easiest ways to transfer files from your device to your PC.

3.MobiKin Assistant for Android is the most amazing way to transfer files from Mi device to PC,this tool is a 3rd party tool that enables user to connect device to computer via USB or WiFi,and then transfer files directly.