Unable to Update Redmi 6 Pro miui Version


Oct 26, 2023
Hi there! I came across your website, and I must say it has been of great help from the very beginning.
I discovered my phone (Redmi 6 pro) which I bought from china could receive an update to miui 12.0.4, however, it’s not coming up in the update section of my phone. I tried install the update manually by downloading the recovery room but my device keeps saying “unable to update ROM download and try again”.

I then decided to use fastboot ROM, but each time I try to flash the ROM to my device, it keeps saying “missmatch image and device”. I followed a YouTube tutorial and deleted the line with the code in the flash_except_storage bat file and I keep encountering anti rollback error.

I then followed your guide post to know the anti rollback for my device which I saw “anti= ” (no number). I checked the “set current anti” in the bat file and it had no equal to any digit.

I did notice an error in my device information though. The miui version on it is which when I looked up was for Redmi Note 7 but the unique code of the ROM was still PDMMIXM which is the same in the miui 12.0.4 recovery and fastboot files I downloaded.

I just hope I’m explicit enough… What could be wrong please?