Uninstall Google Duo


Oct 12, 2019
Hi guys.
I own a Mi 9T Pro and I really like it.
I've already uninstalled the system apps I didn't like with Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tool and now I want to get rid of Google Duo.
Strangely, at first it didn't appear in ADB shell "pm list packages" but from the phone, with an app called "package names", I can see it has this name "com-google-android-apps-tachyon".
To see if if could move things a little, I installed Google Duo from the play store and after that, it now appears in "pm list packages" and apparently I uninstalled it with "pm uninstall –k ––user 0 com.google.androd.apps tachyon" (I got "success") but the app is still there and under all my contacts I have "vocal call Duo" and "videocall Duo".
Is there a way to uninstall this app that I don't need?

Thank you!