Unlock bootloader on a phone bought in china


Jun 6, 2024
I bought a Xiaomi 13 ultra in china and was in the middle of the process to install the European ROM in it, but while unlocking i came across a message saying I needed to check the Mi unlock status, while doing that, i came across another error message saying I needed to apply for permission in the Mi community app.
The Mj community app is completely in chinese, so I had to use a translator to find the "Unlock bootloader" tab, but when i found it, it says I need to verify my account by putting a credit card and a passport and to be level 5 on the app.
Problem is my credit card doesn't work on the app and i have no clue how to get tl level 5.
I strongly believe there must be something I'm doing wrong or an easier way to unlock the bootloader so that i can unlock the phone and instal the European ROM.

What do you guys think i should do?
To unlock a Chinese device you need a payment service that does this for you.

For example ncunlock.com.

It is not possible for non-Chinese citizens and under certain conditions to unlock the BL using the "old" method.