Unlock Bug


Aug 5, 2011

For the last 3-4 months ive been using the beta roms, updating at each update etc.

For some reason, when i press the power button to show lock screen, it shows as it is suppose to, but sometimes, randomly, when i unlock the phone, the lock screen does the lock animation and shows a blank screen, but all lights remain on, inc. the "back light".

I noticed this since the last update, not including todays (9/9/11) as i have now switched to the stable rom as i found it quite annoying.

i was using the Desire GSM Rom, but if you do need any more info, i have made a nandroid back up, so i can always reflash if you need anything.

to be honest i didnt try the simplest thing, of turning off the lock animation, i just thought id report this issue to see if anyone else has the problem and/or if anyone knows if there is a fix


Same thing on Nexus One after flashing the one before 1.9.9. Flashing 1.9.9 didn't fix the problem either.

Whenever I unlock the screen it turns off but the light on the soft buttons remains. I have to lock it/wait for it to lock and unlock it again in order for it to work properly. VERY annoying.