Unread Counts on Icons


Nov 18, 2010
Is is possible to have unread counts on the icons in the toolbar? Specifically for gmail, sms and missed calls.

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You may be referring to the default launcher, but I like to use LauncherPro. I prefer an app drawer vs. the apps covering numerous homescreens. With LauncherPro tho, you can have unread counts for calls, msgs, and Gmail icons in the dock.

You can also swipe up on the icon to view them without opening the apps themselves. However, that's with the paid version only.
I was referring to the default launcher. Is this not possible with the default launcher? i have used launcher plus however I wanted to use the default launcher since this is one of the major reasons to go with miui.

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yeah I would like to know this also, I like now that there are unread counts for Messages & Phone icons on the dock but is there a possibility to get it for Google Voice and Gmail icons as well. This is for the default dock with miui rom, not using launcher pro.