Update from 12.6 to 13 Stable ?


Feb 5, 2021
I am currently on EU-Rom, 21.11.3 Beta (latest miui 12 for poco).

Since MIUI 13 STABLE Released, I would like to ask a couple of Questions.

1) I know a fresh flash is always better but is a dirty update from Weekly miui 12 to stable 13 still ok (basically are there any known major bugs with a "dirty" update ?)

2) What is the status regarding Safty net/widevine ? Read there are always issues with stable but weekly seems ok ? (so the second question update to weekly or to Stable?)

3) Did they fix the Recent apps issue on new miui ? (currently i have to force stop default launcher every day/every second) its getting on my nerves.

4) Overall is the update even worth it, or should I stay on current Weekly ?