Update from miui 14 to hyperos ota


Jan 8, 2024
Hello everyone, first of all I apologise for my english but it's not my main language.
So I want to update my 12t pro to hyperos, however I'm afraid of something going wrong since I recently had problems with twrp because I downloaded the A12 one while I had A13 installed on my phone (resolved quickly). If I update my phone through twrp I'm afraid that since now it's A14 it might cause some issue. also I've read that if I update through the "updater" app it'll just take to twrp so I'd also like some answers about this as well.
Thanks in advance
You can update to HyperOS with TWRP A13 since your actual ROM is based on A13. But after that an update to TWRP A14 via fastboot is required.

Since you will have to do a TWRP update via fastboot, you could also just do an update to HyperOS via fastboot and then TWRP to A14.
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