Update MIUI Xiaomi 1s without SD card

Jun 15, 2013
Dear all,

I bought this phone, then later replaced it with the MI2, and decided to give this one as a gift.
Loving both of them.

But mi 1S has had an accident, I dropped it in some water, it somehow survived, but the memory card (SD) slot is not working (with proven-to-work SD cards). Also the SD card I had in it died.

Before the accident, I installed the latest MIUI on it (update.zip method). Now, the phone works fine, but the camera and some apps refuse to work without the SD card!

The camera worked before I bought the card with the stock (out-of-the-box) MIUI version.

Also, some apps (games) don't work correctly (lock, black screen).

So, I think the phone really needs an Android re-install.

Is this at all possible without the SD card? Even when I first got it, I never was able to connect it to the computer to access its internal storage, only gives me access to the SD card. Played with the USB debugging options, got nowhere.

Also, which version of Android to put? Will the latest one support camera and all without the SD card?

I suppose there is the flasher on the XiaoMi site, but it is in Chinese and a) I don't understand anything, and b) I don't think it recognizes the phone when connected over USB.

Please help, I really love this phone and want to get it working :)



Oct 14, 2012
1 : how you dried the phone
2 are you sure there's no more water in it?
3 Sometimes my mi 1S doesn't mount automatically my sd card are you sure that the sd card slot is gone?


Oct 14, 2012
About the camera app i don't know if there's a workaround to use the internal memory as the sdcard, sorry.

File transfer
OK i think you can transfer files on the internal memory using the ftp server feature of a filemanager like Solid explorer.
but you need to create a folder with the right permissions (for being able to write from the ftp)
1) open the terminal emulator app (if missing install it from playstore)
2) write su then press enter you should have something like that

3) type mkdir name

4) type chmod 777 name (this will give the right permissions)
5) go in Solid explorer--->filesharing
Shared directory : /name
Password: choose_one

6) Start the ftp server
7) on your pc use a ftp client as Filezilla then connect using the acces data provided by Solid explorer

8) ok now you can transfer files on the internal memory everything will be in name.
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