Update superuser 2.3.6. to 3.0.6.


Oct 25, 2011

I have the latest MIUI installed and with it comes Superuser 2.3.6. from ChainsDD.

The latest Superuser is 3.0.6. and i would like to find out how i go about updating the 2.3.6. to 3.0.6.
You can search superuser on android market and update that way.

I already tried that one but it seemed to screw up superuser badly. No program was getting root access. According to the developper of Superuser this has something to do with it (Superuser) being made a system app.
Installing via recovery should work. Here's a zip I knocked up.
SuperUser 3.0.6

Trouble is you're going to have to reapply this every time you update MIUI. Do you mind me asking why you want to upgrade? What does the new version give you that the old one doesn't?
Because i might want to switch to the paid version in the near future. The boss is paying so i might as wel.

It's no problem to install the superuser.zip after each miui rom update. And thanks for cooking it up!

*update* Thanks it worked perfectly. Installed through recovery and it replaced the 2.3.6.