Updates and Virtual RAM


Aug 11, 2021
Hey guys, I'm a new user with EU ROM so I want to ask you how do I update my system? It's been about 2 months that I've installed .EU ROM on my RN8 (Ginkgo) and since then there is no system update yet, do I have do download a manual file and flash?
Also I would like to know if EU ROM will add the new virtual RAM function to it's ROMs? 'cause I've saw in a website that RN8 CPU is compatible with this new technology (I think they will add this function in MIUI13).


May 16, 2021
Yes, I would suggest doing a manual download to install any updates if you are recieving the OTAs for some reason. The virtual ram option is indeed inside of the rom for my Mi 11 Ultra. I am not sure about other devices, but I do know that it is in my weekly. However, the option is basically useless. The way that it works is that it creates a swap file on your internal storage which is then used if your phone runs low on ram to perform a function. For most people, there is not a need beyond 4GB of ram to perform most daily functions. That being said, a phone with 6GB of ram, runs your daily needs just as well as a comparable phone with 12GB ram, as long as they have similar GPUs and CPUs. if you have less than 4GB ram in your device, it would prove useful, but it will take up storage on your phone, so if your device has limited storage or you are close to using it all, it may not work for you.