1. R

    No more OTAs since HyperOS

    I've been using .eu Stable on this device since MIUI 14. The rom for this device preloaded TWRP as recovery so OTAs were easily doable although you had to manually install them once the phone rebooted into the recovery. But the OTAs were arriving fine on MIUI 14, and i updated it from my phone...
  2. L

    New Hyper os on mi11 lite 5g ne

    The mi 11 lite 5g ne already have the hyperos update but on my phone it saye no update available and I'm stuck at TKXIEUXM, I've try to change region but nothing and I try to install local package but it says it's not an official package, can someone help me?
  3. A

    Xiaomi 13 can't assign ringtones after update

    Hello all! I need some help. I've just updated my phone and I lost my assigned ringtones. When I try to assign them again, it says it's completed but it's not working, all I got is some stupid sound no matter what ringtone I've chosen. I use ringtones from Themes. Any ideas?
  4. S

    HyperOS – Rename Trick 2.0 (force update your Xiaomi device into HyperOS!)

    Steps for Rename Trick 2.0 Download your current ROM, all Recovery ROMs ! After downloading your current Recovery ROM, download new ROM which you have to flash ! Save both ROMs in Internal Storage. Rename your current ROM to A.zip, and new ROM which you have to flash, rename to B.zip. Open...
  5. Enyrox

    Share app button gone HyperOS

    Hello, I'm currently using HyperOS with Xiaomi.EU I was recently on and the share apk button was not missing when long pressing an app on the home screen but now it seems to be gone. Anyone knows why? How to put it back?
  6. Moon4Lxrd

    Mi 11 Ultra Fastboot problem for V14.0.11.0.TKACNXM device name not recognized

    I haven't updated my phone for a while so I am currently on MIUI 13 (xiaomi.eu) 22.6.22 Beta I'm trying to update to a STABLE MIUI 14 but while trying to do a fastboot with "xiaomi.eu_multi_MI11Pro_MI11Ultra_V14.0.11.0.TKACNXM_v14-13" I get this in CMD: Waiting for device... Compatible...
  7. H

    New I can't use the YouTube app

    After I updated my poco f2 pro using built-in updater every time I open the YouTube app the phone turn off. U tried reinstallig the YouTube app but didn't work How can I fix that ?
  8. H

    New update

    Hello I have Mi 11T Pro Version I located in Bulgaria My phone always shows me that it is running on the latest OS Update version, And I checked through other websites that there are newer versions than the version on my device. Does anyone else facing this issue? Before...
  9. J

    Install TWRP

    I installed MIUI, but the system keeps asking that to update the application I have to install TWRP on my cell phone, does anyone know a safe way to install TWRP without damaging MIUI and without resetting it? I just want to install TWRP to get updates via Mobile normally but without...
  10. J

    Google contacts not syncing

    I have a Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and I updated to the MIUI software, and unfortunately my contacts are not synchronizing with my Google account, and it keeps appearing as if I don't have contacts, however I have approximately 694 contacts . Can anyone help me solve this problem??
  11. FLOPA

    (Mi home pro) Where did the sensitivity partition settings go in the Xiaomi app?

    When opened the Xiaomi app to set up the sensitivity partition grid it was available and working well yesterday morning. Then maybe an hour later the option dissappeared and now it is replaced by a simple 'high sensitivity' and 'low sensitivity' choice. Did the iOS app receive some update which...
  12. I

    Black screen after update

    so my redmi note 9s just went black screen after the lastest update (04/07/2023). I tried to flash it but couldn't finish the procedure cause it's in lock state. Should i try to wipe data? Don't really know what to do. I also tried to unlock it via miunlock but i need to active it in advanced...
  13. T

    Mi Home Security Camera - Stuck Update

    Hello to all, I've been putting it off for months and months but I'm here to get your help with my Mi Home Security camera. I am currently in version 4.0.5_0087 and the application has been suggesting for months that I upgrade to version 4.0.9_0142. The problem is that when I launch the...
  14. T

    How is MIUI 14 for Mi 10T Pro?

    Did anyone upgrade to 14? What do you think?
  15. fdmx7

    Permissions Issue (particularly for Google, Google Translate)

    Recently, my Redmi Note 10 Pro, updated to MIUI 14 (xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote10Pro_V14.0.1.0.TKFMIXM_v14-13). Ever since then, I wasn't able to translate picture from my gallery because it seems like the translate app can't access it(?). In other words, its asking for permission to access the...
  16. E

    "Internal storage encrypted" while trying to update using Updater app

    Hi, I've got new MIX 4 from Tradingshenzhen, and current os is MIUI 12.6 V14 I'm trying to update to latest stable MIUI 14, but had no luck so far. When I choose update package I've downloaded here, it says "Your internal storage is encrypted. After device is rebooted to recovery, enter your...
  17. Kristianidis

    What should i do to update the rom after i rooted my device?

    What's the process of updating the rom (fastboot) while my device is rooted? Do i have to disable all modules before update? If i update the rom, root will be removed?
  18. sleepingawakerza

    No Update Option

    I just bought 12s Ultra, but my seller already installed MIUI 13 stable EU. 1. I want to update to MIUI 14, but i dont want to risk anything, since i have no warranty. Why can't i see upgrade options like : "Download update package" or "update settings". 2. If i download latest MIUI 14 EU...
  19. W

    Can't update from MIUI13 to 14 in TWRP - Files are encrypted but TRWP doesn't ask for password to decrypt them

    Hey guys! I wanted to update from the Xiaomi.eu MIUI13-Stable-ROM to the new MIUI14 Stable. I downloaded the ROM and put it in my Downloads folder. But when I reboot to recovery to install it I can't find the download-folder, any other folder is empty and it shows the internal storage as "0"...
  20. kumanderhudas

    TWRP removed after updating to latest eu

    Yesterday, I updated my device (POCO F4/K40S) from previous to latest eu via fastboot and the twrp is removed. Do I need to install twrp again like normally?