1. H

    Flashing from global without losing data

    Hello! I would like to flash my Mimix2 from a global MIUI 10 into a eu rom, in order to get Google pay. I would like to know if it is possible to do it without losing any data? Like apps and stored pictures, etc.. Thanks!
  2. W

    Update problem

    Hello everyone! I have some problem with update. When the phone restart to enter into twrp for installing the update, that doesn't do nothing, and the error Is caused by Memory encryption. On the last 2 months for updating my phone i had to wipe my phone by twrp and then the update can be...
  3. F

    Mi 8 se, Not updated

    Click on update, writes "you already up to date" so long ago.
  4. chrrit

    Newbie Question: Switch to Weekly EU ROM

    Hi, I am a MIUI newbie and using a MiMix 2S on Global Stable ROM. I am thinking to switch to the weekly EU ROM. I saw the tutorials, and I think I will manage to do it BUT: when I want to update with another weekly EU ROM (so when I want to update), will I loose my personal data and have to...
  5. S

    Resolved Can't install MIUI 8.12.6

    Hello, I'm trying to install MIUI 8.12.6 v2 on my Xiaomi Mi 5X but I still getting the error «E3004: this package is for 'tiffani' devices; this is a '' ''» How I fix this issue?
  6. sudarshaana

    Invalid Update Process ended with Error: 7 (Mi 5x)

    Hi, I am trying to install 8.12.6 miui v10, android 8.1. But it returns with error code 7. I'm using mi5x xiaomi.eu rom. The full error picture is attached below.
  7. N

    Downloading the newest Xiaomi-EU-Rom via Update-Tool?

    Hey guys, I flashed my Mi 8 (chinese Version) with the Xiaomi.eu-ROM a few weeks ago. Till now, everything works fine. I'm just wondering, if I now can update the Xiaomi.eu-ROM via OTA. I do see the "Updater-App" my system and it shows that there is an update. Additionally above the...
  8. StreetWizard

    Updater show me ever "you have allready the newest version"

    Hey, ive order my Mi Max 3 by Xiaomi Global Shop it came with Miui 10 Global 8.8.3. In the Updater it shows me that an Update to 8.9.20 is available and that i can download 1.5G but when i press download it Says that ive the newest version and dont download it. So i had try it with the option...
  9. T

    Automatic Update Xiaomi Mi Max 3

    Hey Guys this ist my first Post here in this Fourm. I just got my Xiaomi Mi Max 3 from TradingSzhenszen with unlocked Bootloader and MIUI 10 Beta 8.7.26 installed for the German Language. I just discovered that I cannot get any newer Beta updates with the Automatic Update App. It says I'm...
  10. C

    New Apps Crashing And Running Slow 9.5.2 Mi4s

    Hello! I have been using miui 9.5.1 for a long time and apps like google maps, instagram or even whatsapp are running slow and even crashing sometimes, I decided to update to 9.5.2 to see if the apps would work fine but Im writing this right after testing it. And it works as bad as the last...
  11. C

    Stuck Trying To Flash Miui 9.5.2

    I have been waiting for a long time for a update since 9.5.1 because with this rom I had problems with google maps running really slow, and with other apps crashing for no reason and getting stuck and forcing to close. I realized (since i have no OTA I dont know why, because my phone is not...
  12. E

    Stable Rom One Last Update?

    Hello, how about one Update for the MIPAD3 Users? The stable ROM V9.5.1.0.NCICNFA is perfect. http://en.miui.com/download-325.html Greetings.
  13. W

    Redmi 4x Miui 9.5.4

    Hello please I just joined the team yesterday and I'm currently running miui EU 9.5.2 global .When are we getting miui EU 9.5.4
  14. Salinger

    When Stable Will Be Real Stable (not Beta)?

    Last two stables were beta. When it will be real stable? Thanks.
  15. stickmanChampion

    Update With Encryption

    Hello, I have a question about update and encryption. If I encrypted my phone, it will update normally ? Or I will have problems? And do you know how much time does it take? mi 6 128gb
  16. A

    Some Features That Should Be Added In Xiaomi.eu Rom.

    1st This ROM is awesome than official's. 2nd Add Global ROM calendar as it's having various features like Panchang, Horoscope etc. Which are really very helpful. 3rd Add Global ROM new notification shade that replying from notification bar becomes more easy. 4th I know Devs are trying to fix...
  17. T

    New Chinese Stable Update

    Hi y'all First of all, I would like to thank the team for making excellent ROMS I found out the new update for the Mi6 ( based on Nougat. I think it is the time for the stable to be updated Thanks
  18. M

    Ota Not Working + Miui9 Over Updater App?

    Hi there, I installed stable How come since four months there was never any OTA update although in the rom release information they'd even say every friday?! And second question: MIUI 9.1 got released. Any chance I can update my system without wiping my data, ie via the Updater App...
  19. I

    New Assistant In Miui 7.11.2?

    Hi, how to activate new smart assistant in update 7.11.2? I do not find it in the menus...
  20. K

    Ota Update Failing Through Twrp

    Hi, I've got a Mi5s Plus on version 7.10.19 and the Update app tells me I can install the new version so I tap "install", my phone reboots on TWRP, it begins to launch the installation but then suddenly stops and goes back to the main TWRP menu where the only thing I can do is reboot... Is...