1. F

    Updating miui on redmi note 5

    Hi, I am using the Redmi Note 5 for quite a while but unfortunately, I recently broke the screen. I didn't want to bother choosing a new model so I bought a new redmi note 5. The problem is it came with miui 10. My current doesn't have a problem updating miui, but the new doesn't detect one I've...
  2. K

    Is it okay to upgrade to MIUI 13 without wiping the data? [Poco F3]

    I want to upgrade to MIUI 13 from the last MIUI 12, but it's a hassle for me to wipe the data then redownload all the apps that I had on my phone (specially with the slow internet). Is it ok for me to directly install MIUI 13 without wiping the data using TWRP? Or are there methods to easily...
  3. S

    fastboot changed after updating to miui 13 stable

    Ever since updating from android 11 stable global ROM to android 12 EU stable rom for Mi 11, my fastboot looks like this. My phone works perfectly. My PC doesnt recognize the device, now I cannot update my phone to the latest weekly updates or change the rom to whatever. I only know how to...
  4. G

    MIUI 13

    Hi, I'd like to know if there Will be fastboot updates to MIUI 13 from 12.6 weekly rom without wiping all data. Thanks in Advance
  5. J

    New Update not working

    Hi there, so, long ago I've received a MIUI 12,5 update but I can't download. The progression gets stuck at 7% and 8% (getting back to 7%). Then the update app stops working and resets the download. I just can't download the update. Any fix? Also my mi fit app have a bug, when I install my mi...
  6. N

    Poco F3 Update from Android 11 to 12

    So i have the weekly beta installed (21.9.17) on my Poco F3 and the Update that is out now (21.11.3) is for Android 12, but im a bit lost on how to install it. Since TWRP does not work, how am i able to install it ? (I know i need to install it via Fastboot but a Guide on how to do so would be...
  7. M

    Can you update the OS through Updater with Fastboot ROM?

    I'm new to flashing ROM and I'm following this guide which uses fastboot to install the ROM, but since the latests 12.5 ROMs for MI 11 can't be installed via fastboot, can you update it later on the settings? And what are the differences between fastboot install and TWRP install?
  8. J

    Updates and Virtual RAM

    Hey guys, I'm a new user with EU ROM so I want to ask you how do I update my system? It's been about 2 months that I've installed .EU ROM on my RN8 (Ginkgo) and since then there is no system update yet, do I have do download a manual file and flash? Also I would like to know if EU ROM will add...
  9. Niccolò

    Can I update MIUI.EU from the update app?

    Hi, I'm on MIUI.eu 12.2.3 and I'd like to update to MIUI 12.5.2 for Poco F2 Pro. Since this is my only and principal deivce, I'd prefer to not format and update normally. I want to ask if I can download MIUI 12.5.2 and just update from the app with "select the package"
  10. M

    Update with TWRP

    Hello. Last week I installed for the first time the weekly beta TWRP for my Mi 11 (21.6.16), now I want to update to the new weekly ROM. How is this done with TWRP? Do I need a computer for this process? Thanks.
  11. D

    Same ol' question: Would I loose my data by flashing Xiaomi.eu to global?

    Sorry, I know this question has been asked multiple times, but as I read the posts, it was not clear to me, since I found different answers. I have a xiaomi mi 9t, rooted with twrp and magisk, running MIUI Global 11.0.5 (QFJEUXM) and android 10QKQ1.19. So, the question is: Would I loose my data...
  12. U

    Invalid MIUI 12.0.9 redmi note 9 freezes

    Hey, I have a redmi note 9 running MIUI 12.0.9 and I have the following issues: 1. Camera app unusable. The app crushes or the phone freezes whenever I try to open the camera. 2. Lock screen get all black at random times. 3. Phone is generally very slow and get stuck/freezes often. This is a...
  13. M

    TWRP for Mi11?

    Hello. Is there now TWRP for Mi11 or do we still need to update manually? Thanks.
  14. J

    New MIUI 12 Stable Update won't complete, keeps restarting

    Hello there. I downloaded the most recent available MIUI update for my phone, a Redmi 7A. It's been an hour and the update won't complete. After it gets around 14-15%, it freezes and then the phone restarts, and so does the update. Is there a workaround for this? What might be causing the issue...
  15. L

    Vacuum mop 1C new update 3.5.8_1096

    Did anyone experience the new feature of this update_3.5.8_1096, the auto partitioning of the rooms? Could anyone manage to edit it? For me the rooms where indeed automatically created, but it is a total disaster and I would like to delete them. However even that it isn't possible. It's sad...
  16. G

    Does xiaomi eu have got more stable?

    I tried to update some weeks ago and my phone got bootloop and i tried to flash it and also bootloop so i downgrade to 12.0.8 and i want to know if i can update or its still buggy
  17. xandreasx

    Last Stable vs Last beta [Mi8]

    Hi guys :) As you know the support for the Mi8 is finished Currently i'm with the last beta 12.1, 20.9.4 But there is the "new" stable Miui 12 12.0.2 of October. But i think that the last beta from september is more updated right?
  18. T

    Questions before "upgrading" to Xiaomi.eu ROM

    Hey Guys, I'm new to this community, so please forgive me for my questions :) I'm using a Mi MIX 2S 128 GB and now that Xiaomi is supporting the device less and less I wanted to extend its life circle and upgrade to xiaomi.eu. But I have a few questions. First: Are normal MIUI Backups...
  19. S

    Some widgets are not updating

    Google fit widget (steps counter) and some calandar/ agenda widgets do not update (refresh). Also sometimes after a restart they dont's show up at all! MIUI 12 - Android 10.
  20. N

    Updater updates from EEA to Global

    Hello! I recently flashed my first xiaomi.eu ROM and chose for xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote8T_V11.0.7.0.PCXEUXM_v11-9. After connecting the phone to the Wi-Fi, it suggests to update to xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote8T_V11.0.5.0.PCXMIXM_v11-9. From what I understand that's a switch between EEA ROM to Global...