1. G

    MI8 se 10.3 xiaomi.eu 9.1.17 (weakly) no twrp update help.

    Hi everyone, i didnt update my phone in awhile, and today i was planing to do so. But unfortunately OTA update is not working and apparently i dont have installed TWRP anymore. so my question is, can i just instal TWRP in fastboot and manually update phone to newest version without losing any...
  2. AidWil

    Updating Xiaomi.eu (Version - How To?

    Hi, I am very new to the whole custom ROM thing and I have been using Xiaomi.eu ROM on my Mi 8 and now my K20 Pro but I can't really find any information on updating that I understand. I would simply like to know how to update MIUI to the newest version of Xiaomi.eu. On the 'Updater' app I get...
  3. A

    Do you recommend buying the Mi 9? Does it still get updates?

    I want to buy the Mi 9 but I'm not sure...
  4. claudio0222

    I can't install the XIAOMI EU ROM

    I have some problems installing from China Stable ROM to Miui 11 ROM I use the latest version of twrp and iodine but after installing it and when I restart it in recovery it gets stuck in the fastboot screen Help !!! Thank you
  5. F

    New Problem with update

    Hello everyone, I downloaded the miui 11 update from the xiaomi website but I haven't realized that this phone have a eu rom. Now it won't boot. Can I just install the miui 11 from here with the recovery?
  6. mofeedooz

    stuck on boot logo after installation

    i have a poco f1 and i downloaded the miui 11 update file and i dirty flashed it in the recovery and ended up stuck at the logo i waited for a full 1 hour waiting for it to work but it doesnt ?? what did i do wrong ? how do you update your phone ?
  7. L

    Updates and root

    Hi guys, a few months ago I bought a Mi 9 SE based on chinese rom with bootloader unlocked and global rom stable version flashed by the company of seller. I prefered the xiaomi.eu rom than natives and for this reason I chosed to change and flash his beta version following the advise of this...
  8. L

    New MI8 MD5 does not match

    I have this problem. When I try to download an update from the app on the MI8, it starts downloading but after a few minutes it says ''md5 does not match''. If I update the device downloading the rom manually, it works but i would like to do it from the app itself. Anyone knows how to solve this?
  9. M

    no more xiaomi mi 9t/ redmi k20 betas?

    the previous beta of the xiaomi mi 9t was late and version 9.8.22 did not even come out for this device. Could it be that we have already forgotten the users of this device or are we preparing for the arrival of Android 10 or Miui 11? does anyone know the answer?
  10. S

    Invalid MI6 - Update - Keyboard missing

    I updated my Mi6 last night and since there the keyboard is not on the screen. I can type blindly, it senses it, but the keyboard is invisible. If i switch to emojis, they are there. What the heck shall I do, cannot type even one message. Thanks
  11. K

    How to update to miui to

    Hello, I have rooted my phone and I am using EU ROM 10.3.3 on my MI8. I have saw that new update is available, but I cannot download it OTA. Is there anything I can do to make it working? I wouldn't like to flash it manually, because I would like to preserver my settings and data.
  12. G

    Invalid 9.7.11 Update broke phone Mi8

    After the update, the phone turned into a horror! Sensor freezes. The display turns off. It helps to restart. Very critical, but not often. And that's what happens all the time. Rebooting helps, but not for long. Video recorded on another phone, as the screen recording and screenshots do not...
  13. TanoLolein

    Delete de Update APP, can't enter the Update in config

    Like the tittle saids i can't enter the miui updater after deleting the app, bad move in my part, anyone knows how to solve this? with and apk or something?
  14. H

    Flashing from global without losing data

    Hello! I would like to flash my Mimix2 from a global MIUI 10 into a eu rom, in order to get Google pay. I would like to know if it is possible to do it without losing any data? Like apps and stored pictures, etc.. Thanks!
  15. W

    Update problem

    Hello everyone! I have some problem with update. When the phone restart to enter into twrp for installing the update, that doesn't do nothing, and the error Is caused by Memory encryption. On the last 2 months for updating my phone i had to wipe my phone by twrp and then the update can be...
  16. F

    Mi 8 se, Not updated

    Click on update, writes "you already up to date" so long ago.
  17. chrrit

    Newbie Question: Switch to Weekly EU ROM

    Hi, I am a MIUI newbie and using a MiMix 2S on Global Stable ROM. I am thinking to switch to the weekly EU ROM. I saw the tutorials, and I think I will manage to do it BUT: when I want to update with another weekly EU ROM (so when I want to update), will I loose my personal data and have to...
  18. S

    Resolved Can't install MIUI 8.12.6

    Hello, I'm trying to install MIUI 8.12.6 v2 on my Xiaomi Mi 5X but I still getting the error «E3004: this package is for 'tiffani' devices; this is a '' ''» How I fix this issue?
  19. sudarshaana

    Invalid Update Process ended with Error: 7 (Mi 5x)

    Hi, I am trying to install 8.12.6 miui v10, android 8.1. But it returns with error code 7. I'm using mi5x xiaomi.eu rom. The full error picture is attached below.
  20. N

    Downloading the newest Xiaomi-EU-Rom via Update-Tool?

    Hey guys, I flashed my Mi 8 (chinese Version) with the Xiaomi.eu-ROM a few weeks ago. Till now, everything works fine. I'm just wondering, if I now can update the Xiaomi.eu-ROM via OTA. I do see the "Updater-App" my system and it shows that there is an update. Additionally above the...