Updating Mi3: Is it the same like the MI2s?

Nov 4, 2013

I just got my new MI3 phone. This is the first time i'm going to use a xiaomi phone. (previously I had an iphone 4). Anyway I've been following this forum for a couple of months now and I read here: http://xiaomi.eu/community/threads/a-simple-update-guide-for-xiaomi-m2.18942/ that I can just put the weekly rom on my phone and use the updater app to update it.

Is this also the case for the MI3? I'm just afraid to do anything wrong to my new phone.

Second question: Once I have installed the rom on my phone. Can I just update OTA? And will it delete my files next time I update?

Thanks in advance!
Jul 7, 2013
Basically, if you bought an original Xiaomi phone, it comes with stable ROM, so there will no weekly update (rather than monthly update). If you want weekly update, you need to flash development ROM or multilang ROM from Xiaomi.eu here
About updater app of Xiaomi Mi3, it operates same as on Mi2(s)

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