Updating to MIUI 13 EEA 12.5.8


Jul 19, 2022
Hi there, I recently purchased a Redmi Note 10 Pro, it's currently on the following MIUI OS and firmware.


I would like to update it to MIUI 13 if I try and update using standard OTA update it says nothing is available and I don't seem to be able to update it manually as it says sorry can't update to this stable version. I would like to try and use the method outlined here :


However I can't find the ROM I'm currently on available to download, i can only find and if I try using that it says you cannot flash an older version.

This is where I looked for the ROM, where you can see the latest EEA ROM shows as 12.5.7, however I'm on 12.5.8.

Xiaomi Firmware Updater

The ultimate script that provides firmware packages for Xiaomi devices.

I have tried to manually update multiple times getting the following errors

Latest stable EEA MIUi 13
Sorry, you can't flash to this stable version.

Older stable EEA MIUi 13
Sorry, you can't flash to this older version

Any advice / help would be appreciated.

For anyone else reading this, I returned the phone to Amazon and was sent a replacement with a different date stamp 02/22. This has successfully updated to MIUI 13.0.10 without any issues at all. Definitely something to do with the 05/22 batch of phones.