upgrade from 2.4.20 --->3.2.1

Feb 14, 2013
Hi there,

I have got my phone (htc desire s) rooted and s-off.
It has run quit nice on the miui 2.4.20 rom(GB) for some time but I realley want to upgrade to the 3.2.1 (ICS)version so I can add the multi lang.pack on top of it.

I have got multiple rom's flashed without any problems but for some reason I cannot get it from the 2.4.20 to the 3.2.1.
thing is that my phone is currently running on a gingerbread version and I want the 3.2.1 version but that is on Ice Cream Sandwich.

anybody got an idea on how to get it done?

any help is much appreciated.;)