Very long time to install Xiaomi EU ROM POCO X3 PRO


Mar 21, 2018
I unlocked my Poco X3 Pro (waited 168 hours) to install the Xiaomi EU stable ROM.

I had a lot of problems and a cold sweat with the Recovery.
I tried TWRP-3.5.2-vayu-Nebrassy-2 and I couldn't find the memory location to put the ROM Zip there.
I read that I had to install the OrangeFox-vayu-beta@R11.1_3 recovery so I flashed this recovery, but I still have a lot of trouble understanding where the storage space is.
It was after many attempts of all kinds that I finally understood that a complete stop by long presses allowed the recovery to regain the storage space.
I ended up installing the xiaomi.eu_multi_POCOX3Pro_V12.5.5.0.RJUMIXM_v12-11 ROM.

I noticed a problem, I have an error adding the Microsoft Office 365 pro account.
I cannot add this account in the Email app, and have the syncs for this account.
I have to use the Outlook app for this to work.
Maybe this will be resolved soon.

No other problems encountered, it's a nice ROM.
Thanks to the developers.

Sorry for my English "google translate"