Volume/Power Button Ghost Touch


Mar 8, 2022
Hi, I'm using Redmi Note 8,Android version 11 and MIUI version of 12.5.1(MIUI Global This update was done last week.

About a month ago, my device volume indicator suddenly ghost touch without any reason, along with that power button also not working(unable to lock screen). After I reboot, then it is turn to normal.

Last week, it occur again. This time, after I hold power button(want to restart device), it will appear 3 options which is reboot, connect to MIAssistant and something like factory reset if I'm not mistaken. 3 times I choose reboot then only it turns to normal. And seems like that ghost touch sometimes will happen, when I want to increase or decrease volume eventhough I done update the MIUI version.

Problem occur when I'm still using previous MIUI version.

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I have the same issue...did you figure out what to do? I have tried almost everything recommended on this matter but nothing has worked so far.