New Wallpaper Expands After Reboot

Apr 30, 2015
ok so it's been a while since i'm facing this problem, tought V7 ( 5.8.20 ) will solve the problem since in the changelog before they released it they said there will be some fix for the wallpaper system. Since they introduced the new wallpaper applier ( pic 1 * ) after reboot my wallpaper expands and i loose quality of the pic and it's like i zoomed it.
I'm not using the default launcher as i got used to Smart Launcher pro ( because of the gestures and drawer ) things that MIUI launcher is missing.
Now my question is, is there any way i can fix this ? or it might be a launcher problem ? Also i noticed that after the V7 update if i use another launcher as soon as i try to set a pic as wallpaper it won't open the menu to set it but it brings me back at the pic, unless i set the custom launcher as default then i can set it. here are some screenshots Screenshot_2015-08-26-00-40-43.png Screenshot_2015-08-26-00-49-26.png Screenshot_2015-08-26-01-12-51.png