Want to move to X.EU, but confused by wording of MIUI 14 Weeklies (installation method)


Dec 31, 2022
Hi - I'm newly on a Xiaomi after having been on a Samsung many, many years. POCO F4 (munch), to be exact. I'm not new to things like custom ROMs, rooting, etc. but that was a loooong time ago.

I want to install this MIUI 14 Weekly (or 13 Stable, but I guess it makes more sense to go for the Weekly, right?), but as I see every ROM is listed as type:fastboot.
Right below it, instructions are given for "Xiaomi devices on Android 12/13 with TWRP", "Installation via TWRP", and "Xiaomi devices on Android 12/13 via Fastboot". Can I choose which of these methods I go down, or am I forced to use the "Xiaomi devices on Android 12/13 via Fastboot" method? I would really like to be able to flash updates and fixes from the phone itself, as I will likely not have access to a computer half the time I use it.

If I can use TWRP (whether or not I can, actually, it's good to know for future releases), am I supposed to go for the munch-skkk or original TeamWin TWRP for munch? And should I be using the A12 or A13 variant on SourceForge if I am **currently** on MIUI 13, Android 12 but want to install Xiaomi.EU MIUI 14, Android 13?

Is this command listed in the thread correct:
fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
fastboot boot twrp.img
as I was under the impression munch was A/B and therefore flash recovery would present issues? If this isn't correct, what would be the correct command to install skkkTWRP/TWRP?

Finally, if all of this is wrong, and I should be using fastboot installation and not TWRP :)(), is it still possible for me to use MIUI **with** TWRP (just not to install it), by installing skkkTWRP/TWRP, so I can do things like flash Magisk via recovery?

Either way, thanks for any responses and sorry for the amount of questions. I haven't done this in a long time, and I really, really do not want to screw something up because the data's backed up, but I refuse to sit through a bootloader unlock wait of 1 week twice.
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They just added the recovery instructions beforehand, because this part of the post is not updated in real time. Current ROMs are fastboot, you just need to follow the fastboot part.
Ah, okay. Bit of a bummer, but I get why its like that. I assume it's still physically possible for a recovery ROM to be released in the future (but just hasn't yet due to MIUI14's freshness), given there IS a build of TWRP built for munch?

If I did want to install TWRP, but then install the ROM itself through fastboot, what order would I want to do that? ROM then TWRP to avoid ROM flash wiping recovery? Would that cause issues with the bootloader re-locking itself?
Cool, thanks! Will having TWRP installed alongside XIAOMI.EU introduce things like tripping SafetyNet?
Thanks, will probably install TWRP and separately flash MIUI14 (once my bootloader unlocks...), and patiently await F4/K40S recovery ROM